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Some years back I posted many messages in series and one-off format.
During an update they were removed however I was recently asked where they were and if they could be restored.
With that in mind I have edited a few items out of the archive and will add them when time permits.

The Stories reflect events in my life. Some locations are named but the names of all individuals where I knew them have been changed.

Finally - they are my Stories and not for copy and publish elsewhere please.

Author Message
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Username: Rigger

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Registered: 03-2003

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Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 11:42 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Days of old. Saturday night on the Bristol to Derby train.

In the days of railway carriages with compartments I was a regular Saturday evening traveller on the Bristol to Derby train. It used to leave Bristol around 19.30hrs
I was usually at the Station by 18.45hrs and used to spend a few minutes in the subway toilets and although hit and miss was sometimes successful.
It's long enough back not to compromise anyone, but one of the then Porter-Cleaners, a small youngish guy, was always on the lookout for a bit of excitement and we met from time to time.

This particular Autumn Saturday was no different. Jimmy (not his real name) the Porter was in the washroom cleaning the sinks. He quickly told me there was a youngish bloke in cubicle 8 with a great cock which he had wanked under the wall but he didn't seem to want to come out into the washroom or the Porters room with the lock on the door! I went in to cubicle 7 and wasted no time in letting the shadow of me wanking appear on the floor. Sure enough an arm came under the wall in no time. I went down to enjoy the action. After a couple of minutes I got the invite to play back. I reached under the wall and was guided onto a lovely long thick cock. After a few more swaps the Guy in No.8 passed a note to me which just said 'sorry mate, got to get my train' and with that he was gone.
When I went out Jimmy was still at the sinks. 'No luck?' he asked. 'I showed him the note'
'Fucking nice butch lad' said Jimmy 'and what a cock. I could have done with a mouth full of that.' 'Better have a mouth full of mine then' I teased, and followed him into the Porters’ room where he locked the door and was down on his knees accepting a mouthful of my rampant cock within seconds. Jimmy used to wank himself as he sucked and on this night he came off very quickly but kept going and finished me off soon after.
I did a quick tidy up, said 'see you soon' to Jimmy and with my train due out in less than five minutes shot off to the platform.

As usual the carriages near the stairs had a few passenger per compartment but I knew that further back there would be plenty of empty ones. The next to last carriage was almost empty and the last carriage had just one occupied compartment with one passenger - and I felt sure at a quick glance that it was the guy from cubicle 8.
Nothing ventured nothing gained. I opened the sliding door, said 'mind if I join you mate?'
'Come in' he said 'don't mind a bit of company.' I did a further quick check - definitely the same guy - I remembered seeing those black boots under the wall, those black jeans and yes, the one arm had the tattoo I'd seen under the wall. He'd taken his jacket off and it was on the seat. I motioned to it. 'Is a bit warmer in here' I said 'I'll join you' and I took my own jacket off and stretched up in front of him to put it on the rack. I was wearing fairly tight pale blue jeans and, even though I had come off a few minutes earlier, the sight of this bloke had got me on the up again. I caught his look at the bulge which was growing down my left leg. Go for it I thought. I groped my rising cock and said 'sorry about that mate, been feeling a bit rampant and haven't had a chance to get any exercise!' His reply was swift 'join the club mate' he said, at the same time stretching out, groping his own cock and showing it solid and half way down to his knee. 'Fucking hell man!' I said, 'don't think I can compete with that. Looks like a two hand job to toss that one off.' 'One hand or two' he said 'don't care a fuck as long as it's someone else's hand doing it.' 'Let's get this train on the move' I said 'and see if we can help each other out.' 'You're on' he said and reached over to have a good feel and my now completely solid cock. 'Just seeing what I've got to look forward to' he said. I had a quick feel back and said 'I think we might have already had a test run down in the subway toilets.' He said he'd had a couple of plays down there but had to leave to get this train. 'I'm the guy you passed the note to' I told him. 'Fucking brilliant' he said 'looks as though we can carry on after all.

Just at that point the train started off. We put the lights onto dim and was about to drop the blinds when someone came down the corridor and went past. Relief - let's get going - but the relief was short lived for the person who had gone past came back, and not only that opened the door and said 'mind if I join you lads? it's a bit lonely down this end'
There wasn't a lot we could do.

The new arrival was clad in boots, overalls, thick jacket, flat work cap with leather top and carrying two shoulder bags. The jacket came off and with the bags went up on the rack. He was very chatty. Good looking character, maybe thirty or so and told us he was a railway maintenance man on his way to meet a gang at Cheltenham then off by truck to work on the main line overnight.

'Could do without it' he told us 'haven't had a fucking Saturday night out for weeks.
The best I get is a cup of cold tea out of this thing - pointing to a tin jug - and if I'm lucky a quick fucking wank behind an empty signal box - no substitute for a few beers and a good shag. '
Why d'you say " if you're lucky' I asked him 'I'd have thought at night, on a deserted track you could have slipped quietly off and shot your load anywhere.
'You don't know the lads in the gang' he said 'there great piss-takers - see you slipping away and the next thing they're onto it.
I usually wait till we have a break when we split up and find somewhere to sit: My mate comes with me so no one thinks any more about it and more often than not he ends up having a wank as well' '
Sounds good' I said 'I've got a couple of mates like that though we usually end up giving each other a hand.'
'No other way' he said 'don't believe in wanking myself if someone else wants to have a go.'
It was the turn of the guy from cubicle 8 now.
'We were just on about missing out on Saturday night when you came in' he said 'and my mate here (nodding to me) had just said 'and look at this to prove it' and had stretched out to show he'd got a steaming great hard on.'
'Still have' I said and stretched again to show it in all its glory! 'And me' said cubicle 8, also stretching to show his solid pride and joy.
'I've got to see these two' said the Rail man and he stood up and quickly pulled down the window blinds.
'Let's have a flash' he said, 'see how they compare' and as we both stood up, dropped our zips and pulled our erect cocks out for display.
Rail man pulled his cock out and offered it in our direction for a feel.
I went first. It was a good one and almost equal to cubicle 8 who was now alongside me.
Rail man reached over and took us one in each hand. 'Fucking lovely' he said 'many a moon since I had a cock in both hands.
Keep an eye on the corridor' he said, and was rapidly down on his knees taking us one after another into his mouth, even trying to get both in at the same time.
This was rampant stuff and even though I'd come off only half and hour or so earlier I was ready to shoot again.
Cubicle 8 had had plenty of play but hadn't come off at all and he was also on the verge of shooting. Rail man paused only to whisper 'go on lads, let it come.'
We obliged and what shot across the floor between our legs told us that rail man had come as well. We weren't far from Cheltenham.
Rail man produced some cloth and did a quick clean up on himself and then on the floor and as the train slid to a halt at Cheltenham no one would ever have know that anything other than three passengers had quietly shared the same compartment.
Rail man left. Before he went I told him I was quite a regular on the train.
Unfortunately I didn't ever run into him again.

Cubicle 8 was going as far as Birmingham. He'd been to Bristol to watch a Rovers match.
I was going on to Derby. The hope was that no one would join us at Cheltenham. They didn't. The ticket Inspector came shortly after leaving Cheltenham. The train was to stop at Worcester and again the compartment remained empty which was a good thing because by then we were both after more and the forty or so minutes between Worcester and Birmingham was well taken up with another good wanking session, some great kissing with cocks firmly between each others tightly shut legs and some rapid pseudo shagging and another load of spunk shooting out of our cocks.

The journey beyond Birmingham was dull beyond all measure and I never saw cubicle 8 again either. Even now, many years later, that’s one of the nights that often springs up in my mind.

Good old railway carriages. Nothing could be the same today.
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Username: Rigger

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Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 11:28 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Tyre Fitter - Part 3 of 3.

Having moved home I rarely passed the particular depot where Steve the tyre fitter works and I had not seen him on my travels. One day recently however, due to a traffic diversion I had to go through the estate where he works, and was held up by some road works right outside the Depot.

Whilst I was waiting for the lights to change he appeared in the doorway so I tooted at him and put my hand up: he looked hard, then recognised me and rushed over. ‘Fucking hell man’, he said, ‘I thought you had emigrated. Where’ve you fucking been then?’ ‘Not far’ I told him, ‘just not down this way very often.’ ‘Come on in’ he said, ‘it’s quiet at the minute. I’ll get a coffee going’ ‘Cheers’ I said, and pulled onto the Depot forecourt, parked, then went inside and found him in the rest room with the kettle in full swing. ‘Ay’ he said ‘having a quiet few minutes. A couple of the lads are out on breakdowns, Chris there is doing an exhaust and the boss is having a day off so we might manage ten minutes without an interruption’

The rest room was very conveniently at the end of a corridor.
He shut the door leading out to the Workshop. ‘Give us a bit of warning if anyone comes in’ he said on return, giving another of those cheeky winks of his.
‘Let’s see if it’s grown then’ he said, slipping his hand inside my zip and sliding my now very solid tool out into his hand. ‘Just how I remember it’ he said and then he was on his knees and taking my full shaft down his throat. As previously the sensation was brilliant, if not better. ‘You’ve had some practice mate’ I said, but getting a bit near completion I lifted him gently off. ‘Savour the moment’ I said, and went down to give him a few seconds of pleasure.
I could tell he was about to explode as I was I so I came up. Without anything being said he moved out into the corridor and turned into the toilets (where we had first met on that day I had called to have a puncture repaired many months previously). I followed. He put his one arm round me, his other hand began wanking firmly at my rampant prick and his tongue pushed in through my lips to complete the connection. I took hold of his prick and a few seconds later we parted rapidly and shot our loads one each into the two stand-up troughs.
After a quick tidy up we returned to the rest room and set about the waiting cup of coffee.

‘Do you ever see the mate who came out to my ‘local’ with you a few months back?’ I asked.
‘You mean ‘Andy?’ he asked ‘tipper driver for XXXXXX!’
‘That’s him’ I said, ‘didn’t know his name.’
‘Yes’ he said ‘but not all that often now because. he’s changed his job and doing long-distance and continental work and sometimes away for days at a time, but, by fuck, does he have some stories to tell.
Hang on a minute’ he said ‘let’s find out where he’s hanging about today.’
He took his mobile out of his pocket, looked up a number and dialled it but got no reply.
‘Must be away from his truck’ he said and we carried on with the coffee and catching up on the usual, what, when, where and who with stuff.

We had just finished and I was getting ready to go when Steve’s mobile rang. He picked it up, looked at the screen and his face lit up. ‘Andy’ he mouthed as he answered the call.
They had a short conversation during which Steve told him I was there and he sent the message ‘time we three had another night out together’ which I didn’t dispute.
There were a few laughs, and things like ‘lucky bastard’ and ‘why not’ and ‘you don’t think we’ve just been sat here doing nothing do you?’ were banded about.
Andy, it seems, was parked up in a rest area on a Belgium motorway and at the time we had rung he was in the process of being sucked off by a local van driver and had ignored his mobile. Steve’s answer about ‘sat doing nothing’ had been in response to Andy’s question about whether we had had it off or not.
So another brief but satisfying encounter with my tyre fitter friend and a repeat night out with him and Andy on the cards.
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Username: Rigger

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Posted on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 11:06 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Tyre Fitter Part 2 of 3

After a house move I explored a couple of Local Pubs.
One became a favourite because it was near an Industrial Estate and often became busy in late Evening when shifts changed and was much used by Truckers parked on the Estate overnight giving, if nothing else, some good viewing.

One hot summer’s evening I headed off for a pint or two. The place was heaving.
I got my pint and into conversation with one of the regulars. There was some inter-pub darts and dominoes competition taking place. No complaints: plenty of viewing.

After about 15 minutes one of the bar staff tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘a gentleman across on the other side of the bar says would you like a drink?’ I looked over to where she was indicating and got a thumbs up signal from someone who I did not recognise.
Never one to refuse a pint however, I said ‘yes please, the usual’ and gave him a thumbs up signal back in thanks. Either I had been mistaken as someone else, or, for the first time for some years I’d got an admirer - and a decent one at that!!!

I carried on watching the crowd and chatting to the Regular who eventually drank up and headed off to another pub. Shortly after he had left I went to the toilet for a piss.
Shame, but it was empty but whilst I was still peeing someone came in and stood alongside me. I gave the statutory glance in his direction.
He looked across and said ‘you haven’t recognised me have you?’
I looked closely. It was the mystery buyer. ‘
Thanks for the pint’ I said, ‘but sorry, no, I can’t put a name to your face.
‘******tyres? Pit lay-by?’ he said
‘Fucking hell man’ I said ‘you scrub up well - but just how I imagined you under those overalls though’

‘So where have you been of late’? he asked ‘I’ve not seen you about. Have you still got my mobile number?’
I told him about the home move so hadn’t been about and still had his mobile numbe on my phone but I hadn‘t liked to ring. ‘Anyway’ I asked ‘what are you doing here?’

It turns out he was a regular at one of the pubs in the competition and had come along to do a bit of supporting.
He had also brought a mate but because he was driving he was on the non-alcoholic.
‘Where’s your mate then?’ I asked. ‘He’s playing darts at present’ he said
‘Pity you’ve got company’ I said, ‘I could just do with a quiet half-hour somewhere!!
‘Might not be a problem’ he said, giving me one of those winks again.
‘Tell me more’ I said as we headed back to the bar.

He said his mate was OK. They had met on a breakdown , adding, that he used to drive a skip lorry at the time and had had a puncture on the roadside and when the job was done he told his mate he needed a piss before they did the paperwork and had stood behind his mate‘s skip lorry, got his prick out and started to have a leak, deliberately leaving it hanging.
His mate had joined him and got out an absolute beauty of a cock and made no attempt to hide it away.
One thing had led to another, they had given each other a hand job and been mates ever since.

He said when they have a couple of pints now and then they go down to the local cruising areas and get a bit of a session going - doesn’t always work though because when two of us turn up together it scares a few off - we get mistaken for the law so one of us gets out and walks up the road and we meet up later in the wood.

‘Who’s he work for now then?’ I asked. He told me.
I was about to say I might know him when he arrived at the bar.
I recognised him immediately.
‘How you doing then? he said to me and then looking at his Tyre Fitter mate said ‘you two know each other then?’
‘Not so bad’ I answered, and added ‘we’ve met’ nodding at Tyreman.
‘Won’t ask where’ he said, giving a knowing wink.
’Believe it or not we met in the Depot’ said Tyreman, ‘but we’ve seen each other out and about since.
So you two know each other as well then ?’ said Tyreman..
‘We’ve met as well’ said Tipper ‘small world!’

I asked if they fancied a drink and then went and got a round in.
When I got back they had obviously exchanged a few details and filled each other in about where they had met me.
We had our drink and some general chat, breaking off occasionally to comment on what passed by. When we finished our drinks the two lads said they didn’t want any more and I had had enough so we stood up and made to leave.

‘How are you travelling?’ asked Tyreman. ‘Walking’ I said. ‘Which direction?’ he asked
I told him. ‘We’ll give you a lift’ he said, ‘its on our way.’
‘Cheers’ I said, ‘hang on while I have a piss and I’ll be with you.’
‘We’ll join you said Tipper’ and they followed me into the Gents which was empty.
We stood there pissing away and all eyeing each others prick up and down.
When we had finished Tyreman grabbed Tippers tool and said to me ‘not a bad weapon is it’ ‘Beauty isn’t it’ I replied, looks as though it’s ready for some exercise’
‘Piss off’ said Tipper, ‘perhaps later!’ and with a laugh we walked out to their car.

I sat in the back and off we set. ‘Where are you two heading then’ I asked.
‘Straight home tonight’ said Tipper, ‘early start tomorrow, might have half an hour at home with Tyreman on the way.’
‘Can’t fault you’ I said. By now we were nearing the end of my road and I told them where to pull in.
As the car stopped Tyreman said ‘pity you can’t come with us.’
‘Another time’ I said, it’s a bit too far to get the motor out and I’ve had a couple of pints.’

‘Where do you go around here for a wank then?’ asked Tipper.
‘There’s a couple of useful spots if you meet up with anything’ I told him.
‘How far?’ asked Tyreman. ‘A mile or so’ I said.
‘Show us the way’ he said ‘might be useful for the future!’

I directed them to a old track, hardly ever used except of the occasional tractors during the day. It once let to a deserted airfield and directed them towards a pull-in near to a disused building.
On the journey Tipper had turned round and was searching for my zip. I helped him pull it down and in no time had my prick out and in his hand.
‘Don’t fucking start without me you bastards’ said Tyreman with a laugh, ‘or you’ll both bloody well walk home!’
As soon as we had parked up we were out of the car and up against the building.
Tipper slipped his jeans, pants and tee shirt off and Tyreman and me went down on Tippers prick, Tyreman tonguing him gently along his shaft while I played gently around his bollocks then moved round to his thighs as Tyreman took Tipper’s tool, almost full length down his throat.

Tipper was in his element. He was moaning and groaning. I moved gently on round his thighs and started to play with his ass.
As Tyreman got a good motion going on Tipper’s prick I slipped my tongue into his hairy tight ass and increased the pressure.
After a while Tipper pulled out of Tyreman's mouth, turned round and went down on me, taking my prick full in at a gulp.
Tyreman stood up, pulled a couple of condoms out of his jeans pocket, slipped one on in seconds and gave the other to me. He then started to use his prick to play up and down Tippers ass and slowly, but surely, he slipped it right in almost up to full length and started to fuck the ass off Tipper.
It only took a couple of minutes, we were all hyped up, before Tyreman shouted ‘I’m fucking coming’ ‘So am I lads’ I said and pulled back from Tipper but just a second or so too late, and shot over his head and down his back only to see that Tyreman had whipped his prick out of Tipper, whipped the condom off and was shooting a load all over Tipper’s his ass.

Tipper was now wanking himself and within seconds shot a load which made mine and Tyreman's look like small fry.
We all stood there for a couple of minutes getting our breath back.
I gave Tyreman his spare condom back. I’ll get in first next time I thought!
Tyreman found a bog roll in the car and handed it to Tipper who tidied himself up.
We got dressed and set off towards home.

Before we left the track Tipper said he wanted another piss so we stopped.
Tyreman said he would have one as well to save pulling in on the way home and also got out - not wanting to miss anything I joined them!!
We all had a good piss and Tipper said ‘I could do with another fucking wank’ and set off pulling his prick at a fair rate of knots.
He was hard again in no time and mine started to rise as well at the sight of his knob. Tyreman joined in. We all three wanked ourselves off again before setting off back home.

At the end of the street we chatted for two or three minutes. Tipper said it was one his best half-hours for many a day.
Tyreman said he couldn’t wait for a repeat. I agreed with both!
At home in bed later I had yet another wank at the thought of that repeat.

A couple of days later I saw Tipper and his Wife in the Supermarket.
He wandered off on his own and came to find me. ‘Alright mate?’ he asked.
‘Aye’ I said ‘and you?’ ‘First class’ he said
‘Seen Tyreman since Thursday?’ he asked.
‘No’ I said.
‘We had another fucking session on the way home’ he said ‘what a fucking night.
Don’t get many like that more’s the pity.
See you’ and with a little punch on my shoulder and a wink he headed back to find the wife.
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Username: Rigger

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Posted on Sunday, September 08, 2019 - 10:57 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Tyre Fitter Part 1 of 3

Following a puncture I went to a local Tyre Depot to have it repaired.
They were busy and I had to wait quite a while. One of the Fitters kept apologising for the wait but eventually came to do the job for me. He was just the Lad you hope to meet when cruising but never do - early twenties, No.1 haircut, a figure that did him proud and, even though he was wearing overalls you felt you knew that what was underneath would be well worth seeing.
He was a very friendly, chatty lad, the sort whose eyes spoke and whose smile said volumes. We chatted about this and that and the job took a bit longer because the puncture had been caused by a piece of metal cutting into the tyre wall and I had to have a new tyre.
Having had a few cups of tea earlier and having had to wait for the job to be done I was getting a bit desperate for a leak and when he had finished and I had paid I asked him if they had a toilet I could use. ‘Sure’ he said ‘I’m ready for a slash myself, I’ll show you the way’ and he led me off towards the back of the Depot to the toilets.
There were two stand-ups and we stood one at each. We kept chatting and I noticed he kept looking down at my cock so I had a look down at his. He saw my glance and took his hand off his cock and left it hanging. I did the same. We both finished and went about the job of shaking off the spots. I was aware that he was still making a few glances at my cock and it began to get hard. Looking across I could see the same happening to him and when I looked up at his face he gave a cheeky wink and said, nodding at my cock, ‘fair bit of mileage left on there!’ ‘The tread’s not bad on yours either’ I replied and we both had a laugh.
As we were washing our hands he said he had seen me parked at the local cruising spot from time to time but had never spoken to me. I couldn’t remember seeing him before but he said he never called with the works van, only in the evenings or weekends when he was scrubbed up and tidy and I might not have recognised him.
‘I’ll keep a look out for you’ he said as we left the toilets and he went back to work.

I don’t do much cruising these days: being older has its drawbacks and whenever I do venture to the local cruising ground it seems to be populated with elves, nymphs and leprechauns all rushing around looking for a toadstool and far from interested in the more mature.
For all that, one day I called in one of the Sherwood Forest ‘hotspots’ around lunchtime.
In the past it had been busy around midday with local workers driving out there for a break, but on this particular day it was quiet. A parcel delivery lorry and a couple of cars with ‘suits’ on board. I parked and walked off into the woods but didn’t see a soul. I sat on a tree stump for ten minutes or more watching a couple of squirrels who were getting down to some serious cruising. Had a cynical smile at the thought of Mr Plod appearing out of the blue and taking their names and addresses!! Still no one about so I decided to call it a day. I was about to get up when I spotted a ‘suit’ coming down the path in my direction, fairly closely followed by another. They passed me and disappeared out of sight. Not my type. Leave them to it. Two minutes later however they reappeared heading back to the road. Either a mega quick session or incompatibility. The latter seem most likely. I gave it a few more minutes and then headed back toward the road myself. At the first bend in the path I saw someone in the distance in overalls and baseball cap coming towards me. As he got closer I recognised the Tyre Fitter from many months previous and when we met he greeted my like a long lost mate. ‘Thought it was your motor’ he said. ‘decided I’d break the habit of a lifetime and pull in with the works van’
As he had got closer I had noticed that he was being followed by one of the ‘suits’ who had passed me earlier. ‘Looks as if you’ve got an admirer’ I said nodding behind him. He looked around. ‘Thought he gave me the once over’ he said ‘not my cup of tea.’
We stood talking till ‘suit’ had gone past and saw that a bit further on he stopped and was obviously waiting to see what was going to happen. ‘Only got a few minutes’ Tyreman told me. ‘Where’s quiet?’ ‘Follow me’ I said and headed off the path into the wood and a clump of rhododendron bushes which give brilliant cover at any time.
‘Good spot’ he said ‘I’ll have to remember this one’ he said, slipping his overalls off his shoulders down to his waist, undoing his belt and zip and pulling out a solid ready-to-go cock. ‘For fuck sake mate’ I said, ‘where did a little lad like you get a big prick like that?’ ‘Birthday present’ he said, giving one of his wicked smiles, adding, ‘looks as if yours came from the same factory.’
I had not seen his solid at the Depot, only semi, and he was now sprouting a good thick eight-inch job. We were soon giving each other some top rate hands-on treatment. I looked for that cheeky expression of his again: there it was, the cheeky wink and then the lips came closer, parted and our tongues were exploring each others mouths as if there was no tomorrow. After several minutes he broke away, for breath I thought, but no! he went down on his knees and in one gulp, took the whole length of my prick into his mouth and down his throat and began to give one of the best BJ’s ever.
Within no time I let him know I was near to coming off. He stopped just long enough to say ‘let it go mate’ and was back sucking for Britain!
I let it go. What a sensation! Eventually he stood, still solid himself.
‘Finish it off for me mate’ he said, and with a few pumps on his straining knob he was shooting his load yards out into the undergrowth. He shook the last few spots off and turning towards me took me in a tight hug, cheek by cheek and said, ‘I’ve been fucking waiting for something like that since your were in the Depot’. ‘Same here’ I said ‘Let’s hope it won’t be so long next time.’
‘We’ll sort that’ he said ‘I’ll give you my details.
When we got back to the road it was deserted again, just him, me and parcel delivery van whose driver appeared to be fast asleep. We swapped a few details - Pubs we use, places we visited and mobile numbers. Also found out he lives at home and often has the place to himself as Mum and Dad are away a lot so there may be some more to follow! All-in-all worth the trip out.
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Posted on Tuesday, September 03, 2019 - 10:17 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Day out with a difference

Why is it that some of the best opportunities arise when you can’t take advantage - usually because not travelling alone.. Might be worth having a thread on the Cruisinground titled ‘THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY’ where we can bury our sorrows.

It’s not always a disaster though as I found out one day last Autumn, after I offered to take my Elderly Neighbours for a day out around the coast. The day turned out to be warm, calm and cloudless. The morning took us through by-roads where we found a Country Inn that did us proud with a pub lunch - pity about the absence of a pint, but I was driving. In the early afternoon we came to a small bay where we were able to park with full view of the sea and surrounding scenery. There were no shops, or cafes and very few people about. The only signs of life came from a collection of Holiday Homes nearby, which, with the summer visitors long gone, was in the process of being extended. My passengers said they fancied a walk along the coastline so they set off. I stood and watched the work taking place on the Holiday Park. There were excavators in use, pipelines and sewerage work was clearly underway and a dozen of so men at work, all seemingly strict followers of health and safety regulations wearing their hard hats, hi-viz vests and safety boots - better viewing than any incoming tide. A little further down the road was some low brick buildings around which their vans were parked.
As I watched a van pulled up alongside one of the excavators which had been stationary. Its operator appeared from somewhere and went to the van driver. A short discussion followed and the van driver produced a tool box and began what looked like a repair. I decided I would walk a bit further down the road myself for a closer look at things. As I did, the man I had taken as the machine operator left the mechanic and came out of the site, onto the road, and went into a building ahead of me. When I got there I was surprised to find that the building was actually public toilets. Immediate investigation was called for. The machine operator was washing his hands. I put him down as early twenties, wearing all the safety gear like his mates, about five-ten high and small build, with an ass that almost shouted to be screwed as it stuck out from his tight fitting work jeans. He nodded as I walked past to the stand-ups. Unfortunately as I stood peeing he was out of my sight. I heard the hot air dryer start, when it stopped it started again. He’s taking his time I thought. I stayed where I was, getting a fair hard on thinking … if only.
I heard footsteps and thought that’s it then, he’s off. I was wrong, he appeared through the gap, came into the stand-ups, and in the process of unzipping made some remark about scrubbing up before he had a piss because his misses was always complaining about the grease and dirt on his underwear, by which time he had his prick out in full view, and was enjoying a good slash. He wasn’t hiding anything so I jokingly commented that with a prick like that on tap she hadn’t go much to complain about - many a wife would give and arm and a leg for a bloke with a tool like that. He was clearly proud of his weapon and cupped it in his hand to show it off. ‘Don’t you believe it’ he said, ‘she reckons its too big: she’ll let me screw her but she won’t even consider giving it a suck’ ‘Bloody hell, man’ I said, ‘that is a handicap, nothing like a good suck-off’ ‘There’s ways around it’ he said. By now I was having trouble in hiding the fact that my prick was solid and more than my hand would cover and I could see that he was looking straight down at it. ‘Looks as if you might have the same trouble’ he said with a wink. ‘Like you’ I answered, ‘I find ways around it’ and looking now directly at his cock it was rising fast and he was gently pumping it up and down in a slow wank. I said nothing and followed suit. Straight away he moved over and took my prick in his hand. ‘Nice one’ he said and before I had time to answer he was on his knees, with his hand still around my cock, pulling it towards his open mouth with his tongue darting in, and out and around my knob end and then surely and swiftly taking the whole shaft down his throat. I was in another world. This lad had some experience: this wasn’t the first cock he had sucked. After a while I touched him on the shoulder and motioned for him change over. As he came up I went gently down on him and returned the compliment. After a short while he motioned for me to come up but he didn’t go back down, instead he cocked his ear towards the steps outside which came down off the road. He explained that he often had a session with the Fitter who had just come onto the site to repair a JCB and he had given him the nod that he would be over in the toilets. He knew the Fitter wouldn’t have come over immediately but as ten minutes or so had passed he might arrive any time. I asked him what the Fitter liked and he said ‘he likes taking this’ cupping his prick in his hand again and showing me a condom he had ready in his pocket.
I asked him if I should disappear when the Fitter arrived. ‘No’ he won’t mind as long as I let him know you’re OK’ he said. We carried on giving each other a wank and a suck and eventually heard someone coming down the steps so we stopped and went and stood talking by the washbasins. It wasn’t the Fitter but an oldish man who went to the stand-ups and had a piss. He wasn’t long and as he left in walked the Fitter we had been waiting for. He spoke to us and went passed to the stand-ups. The lad I had been with put his hand inside my zip, pulled my cock out, which was quickly solid again, and nodded for me to follow him into the stand-up. ‘How would you like this then Al?’ he asked the Fitter showing my cock off to him. ‘Fucking hell Rob’ he replied ‘I thought you had a tool, but looks like you’ve found a match!’
He finished his piss, came over, and took us one in each hand. ‘What more could a bloke want?’ he asked.
His own prick was no tiddler and it was now as solid as ours. Rob was playing with his quite hairy ass and gently pulling his jeans down. Al was helping. In no time Rob had slide the condom over his shaft and was teasing Al’s ass with his cock end. Al didn’t need any encouraging, he bent down to let Rob in and at the same time he took my prick into his mouth. We were all hyped up and the end came pretty soon. I could see Al tensing, his strokes becoming stronger. We caught each others eye and he flicked his tongue at me. I did the same back and leaned across. Our tongues met across Al’s back and entered each others mouth in one of the strongest kisses I can remember and like that he shot his load into Al’s ass and mine went into his mouth. From underneath came Al’s familiar phrase ‘Fucking hell’ and looking down he had shot his load across the floor. We gathered ourselves up, had a bit of a wash and clean up where Al had shot his load and walked out together chatting.
There was no-one about, even my passengers were not back from their walk. At the top of the steps we kept the conversation going. There was another mate who came to the site with materials from time to time in a small lorry who was OK as well. He’d already been that day and had sucked Rob off then.
Rob was likely to have another session on the way home because he passed a good cruising spot and was usually lucky. Al said he had just come that way and there were one or two about but he had not stopped.

All good things have to end however and they had to get back to work. I was still feeling so randy I went back into the toilet and had another wank. As I was washing my hands to come out another of the site workers came in and went for a piss. Before I had dried my hands he had rinsed his and gone out.
If only he know what he had missed!

By comparison the rest of the day was pretty dull. My passengers came back from their walk and we headed slowly, but very satisfyingly back home.

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