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Some years back I posted many messages in series and one-off format.
During an update they were removed however I was recently asked where they were and if they could be restored.
With that in mind I have edited a few items out of the archive and will add them when time permits.

The Stories reflect events in my life. Some locations are named but the names of all individuals where I knew them have been changed.

Finally - they are my Stories and not for copy and publish elsewhere please.

Author Message
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Posted on Sunday, July 26, 2020 - 01:00 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Like many of you I have had some good times at Motorway Services areas over the years. I still think that they were better in their early days than they are now - gone are the hardboard partitions and big gaps under them, in have come steel plates and brickwork down to the ground.

This story starts a few year back, early morning at the northbound area of one of the Motorway services on the M6. I had left Bristol some 3 hours earlier and now, around 8.30am it was time for a break and some breakfast. A call in the Gents was an essential first priority: all was fairly quiet and a cleaner busy doing his little bit. Breakfast came next and I took it fairly leisurely watching the traffic hurtling by outside.

Considering it time to be on my way I left the Restaurant and on the way out paid another visit to the Gents. The cleaner had disappeared . One or two lock-ups seemed to be in use and I went in to one near the end of the row. One side of me was empty and the other occupied. As I sat there it was soon obvious that whoever was next door was on the look-out for some action as shadows told me that a wank was in progress and a boot which had appeared under the partition was tapping up and down. I moved my foot to where it could be seen and quickly got a rub from the boot next door, followed by a nudge. No sooner had I responded than a pair of knees appeared under the partition and the shadows told me the wank was still on. I went down to explore and my arm was swiftly guided onto the throbbing cock - a good one as well but within a few seconds its Owner promptly shot his load all over the floor. Pity, I thought, as I was hoping for helping hand myself - but it was not to be. As so often in cases like this the urge to see what I had missed took over so I stood up, and put everything together to go out and look. Next door beat me to it - they always seem to!!.. however, it was time to move on and out I went, around the corner to the washbasins. Stood at the washbasins was a guy around 30 or so just finishing a wash, as I went to one of the basins he winked and said ‘sorry about that mate, fired a bit early!’ ‘No problem’ I told him, ‘happens to us all at times’.
We walked out together. He was a landscape gardener and said he called there from time to time and there was usually something going on. We said ‘cheerio’ and he set off and I headed to the pumps to fill us with diesel.

Whilst filling up at the pumps I noticed someone standing near the exit onto the motorway and trying to thumb a lift. He was average build, perhaps mid twenties and had no luggage - unlike some who seem to carry everything including the kitchen sink with them - and from time to time a mate hiding behind the fence. He didn’t seem to be having much luck.
With the tank full I went and paid, came out and drove off the pumps, pulled in further up the forecourt and started to fill in the fuel log. The hitch-hiker had disappeared, or so I thought but a tap on the window made me look the other way and there was the guy, obviously trying out a different tact.
‘You not going as far as Carlisle by any chance?” he asked. He was clean and tidy, had on boots, jeans, tee shirt and looked as though he was OK. ‘I am mate’ I replied, ‘take it you’d like a lift?’ ‘Please’ he said.
‘Give me a tick and I’ll clear a bit of space’ I told him. I moved some stuff out of the front into the back and he jumped in, put on his seat belt and off we set.

I took a bit of initiative and asked if he was on his way to work. He told me he worked on shifts and was back at work at 2pm so should be OK. ‘Long way to go to work’ I remarked. ‘No’ he told me ‘I live in Carlisle but I went down to Stoke to see them playing ……. (can’t remember who) last night.
He went on to explain that after the match he had started to thumb back towards the motorway and had been offered a lift by someone in a van. On the way to the Motorway the driver had said he fancied a pint before the pubs shut and did he want to join him or carry on. When they found a pub he decided to have a pint himself and buy one for the driver for the lift. They had one pint, came out to carry on and it was raining - not just raining but like a monsoon. The van driver was going a couple of junctions up the Motorway and turning off and when they got to that junction it was raining as hard as ever.
The van driver asked if he really wanted to carry on in that weather and if not he only lived five minutes away, lived on his own, and had a spare bed and would drop him back to the motorway next morning.
He had taken up the offer and here he was.

We carried on for some time chatting about this and that, then he pointed to a paperback on the dashboard. ‘You into reading then?” he asked. ‘Not particularly’ I told him. I said I was pissed off with magazines as when you had read one you had read the lot. ‘A bit like porn videos’ he commented. ‘So why’d you get this one then? he asked. I told him I just read the cover to see what it was about and it looked different to the usual run of things.
This one was titled “Querelle of Brest” and was written by Jean Genet. It had been translated from the French and was the story of a French Merchant Seaman. My companion looked at the cover, back and front and read the summary. One of the briefs reads:
French sailor Querelle arrives in Brest and starts frequenting a strange whorehouse. He discovers that his brother Robert is the lover of the lady owner, Lysiane. Here, you can play dices with Nono, Lysiane's husband: if you win, you are allowed to make love with Lysiane, if you loose, you have to make love with Nono... Querelle looses on purpose..

‘’Fuck’ said my companion, ‘that’s different’ ‘He’s quite a lad’ I told him, ‘have a read of the bit before my bookmark (corner of page turned down!!). We carried on in silence for several minutes with my passenger seemingly gripped with the book. The bit he was reading I had read the day before. Querelle had been arrested but soon realised the Policeman who had arrested him fancied him and, in brief, for a few favours the Policeman got what he wanted and Querelle go what he wanted!! When my passenger had finished (let’s call him Andy) he looked across and said ‘now that would make a film worth watching’ I told him it had been made into a film but I hadn’t seen it and doubted if it would show much. ‘Your probably right’ he said. ‘The bloke I stayed with last night had some good videos’ I took up the comment and asked if he had watched any and what where they. He openly said the first one was about a young girl who kept dreaming about being fucked by cowboys and had gone off to look for the real thing. There had been some good shots of two cowboys and her in a threesome and the other was about a lad who went to prison and because he was missing his girlfriend he was always wanking and because he had such a huge cock the other prisoners used to creep up and watch, but all the time he knew they were there and eventually was fucking them instead, even one of the warders was in on it. He described it well, and when he had finished I looked across and said, ‘bloody hell mate, I’ve got a fucking hard on just at the thought’ ..’and me mate’ he replied and stretched his legs to show me a big bulge down his left leg. ‘That looks like a useful tool’ I remarked. ‘Not bad’ he said and reached across and had a feel at my cock, gave it a few squeezes and said ‘not doing so bad yourself!” I suppose you had more than a fucking hard on when you were watching the video then? What about the bloke who had given you the lift, what was he up to?”
‘He was OK’ said Andy. When the video was going he looked across and said ‘if you fancy a wank mate, have one. I had a few wanks the first time I watched it‘ he said ‘and I’ve got a mate who drops in sometimes and he’s fucking hooked on this video - wanks himself stupid while he watches it.’
Andy said he asked ‘do you still wank off to it as well then?’ ‘Yea’ said the Guy, ‘quite often, sometimes me and my mate end up wanking each other off’. Andy said he was feeling real randy by now and just said ‘can’t fault you mate, could do with something like that now’ He said the Guy just said ‘if you’re on mate I’m up for it’ He added they might as well head for a bed. Andy said they’d just had a wank session, although he had given the Guy a suck because he had a nice thick cock which had turned him on. They had even had a session before leaving that morning.

‘Now that has got me going’ I told him. ‘I could just do with a wank myself right now’ ‘Go on then’ Andy said, ‘get it out and I’ll do it for you’ This was a first, being wanked off whilst driving up the M6 but I slipped down the zip on my jeans, eased my prick out and let me take over. He was no beginner and after a while he was lying across the seat and getting his lips around my knob.
I was enjoying it when I noticed a truck running alongside in the middle lane and looking up could see the Driver’s mate looking down into my van. He saw me looking, and gave a thumbs up sign.
Fuck knows how long he had been watching!! Some miles further on I overtook the truck and got a headlight flash in the mirror!!
I stopped Andy before I was ready to come off and had managed to get one hand across and give him a gentle wank whilst he played with me. ‘We’ve got to find somewhere to finish this off’ he said ‘I know a place we can pull in near where you can drop me off’ So we drove on exchanges gossip about some of the cocks we had seen - the usual thing. Turns out he worked in a Builders’ Merchants and had regular cock sessions with one of the other lads in the Yard. He told me the other lad was same age as him and often came across to him twice or more a day for a wank. ‘I could do with a few mates like that’ I told him.

Eventually we got up to the Carlisle area and at Junction 42 he guided me to a quiet road with a lay-by which was deserted. We went through a hedge into some bushes on the edge of a field, had both out pricks out within seconds and started to gently wank each other. Andy came close and from the look in his eyes I knew he was wanting some tongue action. I opened my mouth slightly and his tongue was down my throat straight away. He guided my prick between his legs and squeezed them tightly together. I felt good and I began to give him a slow pelvic thrust which turned him on even further. His tongue was gliding in and out of my mouth like velvet and he had his arms around my neck and face caressing them gently. ‘I love the feel of your fucking cock throbbing between my legs’ he muttered. I found his cock which now seemed bigger than ever, a good eight inch job if not more, and began to wank it. It wasn’t long before we were both ready to shoot for Britain! I pulled out from between his legs and turned sideways and Andy went straight down on my prick and took it full length down his throat just as I was about to shoot. There was no holding back. ‘Sorry about that mate’ I said, as he came up as I wasn’t sure if he wanted me to come in his mouth. ‘No problem’ he said, ‘I don’t do that very often, but then, it’s not all that often you get a cock it’s worth doing it to’ What about you’ I asked. He just nodded down between his legs. He was still on his knees and as I was coming off down his throat so he was laying a long trail of his own along the grass!!

I dropped him off at home as it was too early for him to go to work and said ‘farewell’
The M74 was dull after that and although I have travelled that way a few times since our paths haven’t crossed. I just keep looking!
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Username: Rigger

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Posted on Sunday, December 29, 2019 - 02:41 pm:   Edit Post Delete Post View Post/Check IP Print Post    Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only) Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Unexpected meeting - Part 3 of 3

I was getting a bit nervous. It was nearly and hour since Ian had left in his van and it was a good ten minute drive to the point where we were going to meet so off I set.

There was no sign of Ian when I arrived so I sat reading the paper and waited. After nearly half an hour he had still not arrived and I wondered if I should try calling him. I'm not too happy with phone calls as sometimes people cannot always deal with them, particularly if they are in company. I decided to try sending a text message but at the point of pressing 'send' that rare, but occasional message saying 'no network connection' appeared and on checking there was indeed no signal. I set off back in the direction I had come to see if I could find a location where there was a signal but had only gone half a mile or so when I met Ian coming towards me. We pulled up alongside and wound our windows down.
'Sorry I'm a bit late' he said 'I've been trying to call but you were switched off' I explained the signal problem. 'Not to worry' he said 'follow me.' I turned round and followed him for five minutes or so until he pulled in onto an off-road track and stopped in a small pull-in. The track onwards led to a electricity substation. Ian handed me a works high-visibility jacket: 'just wear it when we come back' he said 'and if there is anyone about they won't think there's anything unusual.' 'Can tell you've done this before' I teased him. 'Always pays to be discrete' he said, which is true.
Just a few yards further up the track he headed off into some trees. 'Let's see what we can find' he said and within a short while we came to a small grass covered clearing. 'How about this?' he asked 'Look's good' I said and, a bit unexpectedly, Ian started to strip off. First his works jacket, then his shirt, followed by his boots and work trousers and finally his skimpy underpants. 'Come on then' he urged 'join me.'
I didn't really need to be persuaded and very soon was as naked as he was. Down we went onto the soft grass, first with arms around each other, then lips pressed together and then open mouths and searching tongues and very soon one hand searching for each others now rampant solid cock. Gently squeezing and stroking each others pricks was like physical viagra and we were soon both slowing down to prevent and early climax. Ian slowly manoeuvred my cock between his legs, something I remember from our first meeting he said he liked to do, and squeezing them tight rolled over with me above him. 'I fucking love the feel of a prick between my legs' he said again. I said nothing but began to slowly gyrate in an out so my knob end tickled his ass. 'Fucking lovely' he said as I increased the tempo. Once more I was nearing the point of no return so I slowed down and carefully slipped my cock out from Ian's legs and his up between mine, squeezing hard on it as he had done to me. I started the rhythm again at the same time telling him it was his turn to return the favour really. He moved and we both rolled over to leave him on top this time. His prick seemed to have grown a couple of inches and felt massive as it rode up and down between my legs. Once more we slowed down to delay what would eventually be the obvious. Lying together on the lush green grass, stroking and fondling each others prick and embracing until we virtually ran out of breath was fantastic.

In a break, to recover a little, I teased Ian again - 'you've done this before your bastard!, adding 'and here and with someone else I suppose!' 'No' he said 'but a little secret.. in my late teens and early twenties I worked on a farm' 'Snap' I said, interrupting him, 'and the Boss's son, who was a couple of years older than me, was my best mate: he was forever grabbing my cock and bollocks and I was doing the same back and at least once a day, sometimes more, we ended up having a wrestling session and both always ended up with a massive fucking hard on and just teasing each other about it but one day, in the middle of summer, we were both out repairing a broken fence, both stripped to the waist and when the job was done lay down on some grass just like this. The playing began, then the wrestling and we were both covered in sweat and my mate, George, said it was time to cool off and slipped his boots , jeans and underpants off and just lay there with his cock as solid as a rock. He egged me to do the same: don't be a chicken he said.
That was a red rag to a bull and I stripped off and lay beside him. He looked over and said 'something missing mate!' 'Something missing! What? I asked. 'One of these' he said, grabbing his solid cock in his fist and jerking it up and down. I'd gone slack. 'Come on' George had said 'I'll give you a hand' and he grabbed my cock and starting wanking it like fuck getting is solid in seconds. He asked me to wank him. I didn't give it another thought, I just took hold of his piece of meat and return the favour he was giving me. That day we just wanked each other off and after that it became almost a daily event. George was really turned on by stripping off naked out in the open and it got me going as well. Nothing heavy, just a wank, a wrestle and like now a cock between the legs. So that's it, that's what started me off with other blokes I suppose and this is the first time since then which was a few years back.
I recalled some of my Farming days and the vision of Ian and George romping in the long grass awakened my urge to restart today's events.

Once more the embrace, the stroking, and squeezing and for a bit of added spice this time some wrestling as well. With Ian now running out of time and needing to go back to his job we had to reluctantly let things come to an end. With Ian on top and gyrating fast between my legs he gave a shout 'Fuck' he said as he shot his load into the ground. 'Fuck as well' I shouted as almost at the same time I shot my own load between our bare chests.
A few minutes later, with fresh green grass acting as a tissue, we had cleaned up, dressed and on the way back to our vehicles. I put on the jacket as suggested but there was no one around.
A few brief seconds pinned together alongside Ian's van and he was off back to work.

Not a bad day I decided as I set off home. Two of my better mates in one afternoon can't be bad.
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Unexpected meeting - Part 2 of 3

Several months passed since the day I met Ian at the Garage and posted the story still in view below. We had exchanged some details but there had been no contact: it had been a meeting with marks well above most others but I had been reluctant to pursue it probably because of the unconscious fear of rejection, and the memory had began to fade, indeed was almost forgotten until the middle of last week.

I had been to the Dentist: nothing painful, just the usual check-up and was heading towards home at around about lunchtime. As it was a good sunny day I did a slight detour to a lay-by-cum-picnic area which has a fairly reputable snack bar in it, intent on having something to eat and a mug of tea.
The lay-by is a long piece of old road, set well back off a busy 'A' road, and screened from it by some trees and bushes: the snack bar is a permanent feature with several standard picnic tables outside it.

When driving in it was obviously busy with quite a few vehicles - cars, vans and lorries parked and most of the picnic tables in use. As with many a lay-by to say vehicles were 'parked' was stretching the truth - 'abandoned' is probably a better word! This is the point where I get on my soap box a bit! Why is it that no one ever seems to park sensibly in lay-bys but just dump their vehicle in any empty space - usually in the middle of a gap which could accommodate two vehicles. So often I've parked in lay-bys looking and waiting for a friendly trucker to call in only to find some thoughtless individual arriving and pulling into the middle of the only big space where a truck could park when they could easily have parked further forward and still left room for a lorry. However, off soap box and back to the day in question.

Eventually I found a spot to pull in and did so, noticing as I had looked for a space, a transit van bearing the name of the Company that Ian worked for. It's a National Company and the van was of a different type to the one I had seen Ian driving so just a little jerk of a memory from the past but no expectations beyond that. Also parked were two bulk tipper trucks, again a National Company of which I did have the occasional session with one of their drivers but again, the odds on this being my mate was doubtful. They, like Ian, always wore full yellow/orange high-viz gear so would be easy to spot.
I got out of the car, locked it and headed down the lay-by towards the snack bar. At that precise moment a gang of men, five or so in number, got up from one of the picnic tables and started heading towards me and one was indeed Ian. With discretion always being my rule, and as he was in company I decided not to make any first move and only speak if spoken to. With just a few yards between us Ian obviously recognised me and immediately came and caught my hand and shook it, saying 'long time, no see! How are you?'
Then turning to the gang he pulled a set of keys out of his pocket , gave them to one of the men and said 'jump in lads, I'll be with you in a minute.'
'So! How are things then? he asked. 'Fine' I told him 'I haven't seen you around' he said ' and wasn't sure whether I should give you a ring or not.' 'Would have been OK' I told him. 'Well I wasn't sure' he added 'you know how it is, sometimes Guys only go for one-offs and don't want a repeat and I wasn't sure.' 'Well, I told him, 'that's probably why I didn't ring you because I thought you might have regretted events in the cold light of day so to speak.' 'No fucking way' he told me 'I had more than a few wanks thinking about that session and wanting a repeat so, how about it then, and when?'
'Well you look a bit occupied right now' I said 'but I'm up for a second session anytime.'
'Right' said Ian, 'Well, I've got to get these lads to a job which is a few miles away then I'm due to visit another site but no rush on that so, if you're OK meet me in about an hour or so' and he told me where, adding that if anything unexpected turn up he would ring me.
'Anyway, had better go' he concluded, gave a quick look up and down the lay-by, and in the direction of his van, which had a crew cab unlike the one I had seen him in previously, and with one of his shovel like fists squeezed on his cock showing me it was already well on the up... and off he went to join the gang.

I headed on to the snack bar. No sign of any other lads in high-viz gear so I assumed the drivers of the bulk tippers were probably lying on their bunks having a sleep, until I went inside the snack bar and there sat my mate and the other driver. He spoke first. 'How's things?' he asked. 'Not so bad' I replied and then asked why he was sat inside on a day like today. 'No seats outside when we got here' he said.
'Ah' I said, 'is a bit busy. I made my order, paid, and when it arrived picked it up, turned to my mate and just said 'see you' and headed to an outside table. 'I'll come and have ten minutes with you.' he said, 'my mate's off to pick up his next load.'
A couple of minutes later he joined me.
'I thought you'd moved on' was my Trucker mate’s first comment when he joined me. 'No, still around' I told him, 'Just haven't seen you about in the usual spot ' he said. 'Well! You know me' I replied 'I don't like to become part of the scenery, a visit now and then is enough.' He laughed. 'I know what you mean' he said 'you can guarantee certain vehicles will be in certain lay-bys virtually 24hrs a day 7 days a week.'

'So is there still some action on the Long Straight?' I asked ‘I don’t get much chance to look these day’ he had said ‘as two or three other lads are on the same run and going past regularly: they know what goes on there so I don’t stop.’ ‘Very wise’ I said. ‘I did manage to pull in at the smaller lay-by a bit further on one day’ he continued ‘and got talking with a youngish lad on a mountain bike who was up for a bit of action.’
‘Good for you’ I replied. ‘Nice little ‘quickie’ ‘he said ‘well blessed like you!’ ‘Flattery will get you everywhere’ I said. ‘It had better get us up the side of my truck pronto then’ he said with a grin, and without further comment we left the table and headed up the lay-by which was now nearly empty with most people having moved on. Once by his truck we stood talking for a couple of minutes until a nearby car drove off.
During the chat Mick came out with an interesting piece of information - Dan, who had gone off in his truck earlier was a long time mate of Mick and Mick had got him a job with the Firm recently.
Dan liked a play around himself and the two of them had wanked each other off more than a few times over the years! Recently he told me, they had parked up together outside one of the well known local cruising spots and had a walk around together. At first he said, people were a bit suspicious and kept away so Dan had suggested they should have a little play with each other to see what happened: in no time he said, there was an audience with two or three joining and a bit of competition as to who would suck them both off.
Us two in our work gear, leaning back on a tree, with both being sucked off by two Guys down on their knees brought in a few more and we both ended up with a cock in our hands as well. ‘Sounds good to me’ I said ‘we’d better see what we can do with just the two of us!’ We moved down the side of the truck which was conveniently parked across a small gap in a fence and went into some bushes through the hedge. Mick had his cock out before we had gone a couple of paces. ‘Come on’ he said ‘my break is almost up and I’ve been waiting a long time for this.’ ‘I had been solid since he had told me about him and Dan and in no time we were jerking each other to completion. Unusually for Mick, when we had finished, he pulled me in to him and gave me a real strong hug. ‘Don’t stay away so long next time’ he told me, ‘and keep a look out for Dan. I’ll tell him you’re OK.’ and with that he was in his truck and off to load up for his next run.
Now to see if my luck was going to be in with Ian!
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Username: Rigger

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Unexpected meetinng - Part 1 of 3

Some of the best experiences in life are said to be the unexpected ones and that is certainly the case of an adventure I had recently. I hadn't gone cruising, I wasn't even on the look out but ended up having one of those ten out of ten meetings that one normally just dreams about.

My car had been serviced and was ready to collect. Whilst going through the bill and paying I was aware that someone else had come into the Office and was sitting behind me waiting to see the Receptionist.
Having completed everything there was a little bit of small talk after which I got up to leave and turned to see the new arrival who had now stood up to join the Receptionist. Instinctively I apologised to him for being delayed by my chat with the Receptionist: before he could respond the Receptionist , who obviously knew the newcomer well said in a teasing voice 'he's only come in to watch the television and have a cup of coffee.' 'True' said the newcomer. I looked at the screen and it was a Sports programme and some conversation about its progress then took place.
So.. the newcomer. Thirty or so, tall, slim, looked very athletic and fully dressed in his works orange hi-visibility clothing - with a very tight fit, showing, as I eventually left and he sat down with the Receptionist exposing a nice neat bum. During our brief, maybe three minute conversation, the body language and eye contact was something I hadn't experienced for a very long time: there was a chemistry that made it extremely difficult for me to leave but there was no alternative.

Leaving the Garage I called at the Filling Station next door and fuelled up. After paying, and returning to the car who should pull up at the adjoining pump by my new acquaintance 'Orange Hi-Viz’ in his Works van. 'We meet again' he said, as he selected the pump and put the hose into the filler. Again a bit of small talk while he filled up during which I could not resist the need to eye him up, probably even rather noticeably as I took in his arms, muscles and the outline of something quite tasty down his left leg.
I think he knew and I was conscious that he was giving me the same treatment.
With his van filled there was little to do but make our farewells. 'Where you off to? he asked.
I told him. 'I'm heading up that way' he responded 'going back to a job I'm on.'
'OK' I replied, 'might see you again.' 'Hope so' he responded and made his way to the Cashier.
'Hope so' Those two words sent real hope through my veins. 'Hope so!'

Obviously a Garage Forecourt isn't the place where anything else was likely to happen and anyway I could well have misread every signal - Orange Hi-viz might just be a very tactile friendly Guy.
With some dismay I drove away - another of those events where memories and fantasies were likely to be the only remaining feature.

My journey coincided with Schools ending for the day and progress was slow as I navigated past several suicidal lollypop ladies who threw themselves into the road without much thought of approaching traffic but eventually I reached open country and pulled into a lay-by to call a mate who I had arranged to visit to say I was on my way. We had a brief conversation and as it was ending when who should drive by but ‘Orange Hi-viz’ in his transit van. I had more-or-less forgotten the earlier events but suddenly all came back as did the urge to see more of him. The next thing I saw, as I put my phone down were the brake lights of his van come on and for him to stop fairly rapidly, then the reversing lights came on and he shunted back into the lay-by and parked in front of me. I was a bit unsure of his move and remained in the car as he jumped out of his van and came towards me. I wound the window down. 'You alright?' he asked. 'Yes, fine' I said 'just been making a phone call.' 'Oh' he said 'I wondered if perhaps something had gone wrong with the car.' This seemed like a good opportunity to get to know my new acquaintance better so I removed my seat belt, got out of the car and joined him. He introduced himself. I'll call him Ian.
I asked what his work was, although the name on the van more or less gave it away and from that we managed to learn a bit about each other. He lived at home with his parents again as his marriage had failed - mainly because his work was often nights and he thought the wife had strayed: he seemed to blame himself more than her which gave him a lot of bonus points in my estimation. He was a keen Footballer and Snooker Player and enjoyed a pint when work did not get in the way.
The passing traffic was a bit noisy so we moved down the side of his van where conversation was a bit easier. Ian leant on his van and I stood facing him. Almost to the point of being rude I could not keep my eyes off this Guy. He had what I call talking eyes - they sparkled and spoke volumes themselves but most of all my own eyes kept looking down at the outline of what lay down his left leg. I knew he was still giving me the same treatment and after some time a real change started in the outline down his leg as it began to swell. I was virtually hypnotised by it and likewise my own body began to respond and my own weapon began to rise as well. As we continued to chat Ian's swelling continued and eventually must have been near full as was my own. Once more my eyes were continually glancing down and eventually Ian acknowledged my looks and, putting his fist around his swollen cock - a fist which I noticed for the first time was huge and like a shovel - said 'sorry about this mate, it's been a bit lively today, I'll have to sort it out before I get back to work or the lads'll be taking the piss again.' 'Does it happen a lot? then I asked.
'Often enough' he said. 'Don't let it bother you' I said 'when I was your age I was hard more often than slack and forever looking for a bolthole for a quick wank.' Ian now acknowledged my own predicament: 'looks as if it still does' he said with a laugh, nodding at the bulge down my own leg. 'It sure does' I confirmed. 'So all we need now is one of your boltholes' he said ' and we'll both be OK' 'Something like that' I said. Ian turned and slid open the side door of his van and stepped inside. 'How about this?' he asked. 'Seems just the job' I told him. 'Jump in then' he said, and as I did he slid the door shut.
The van was a high-top version and we were able to stand fully up. Ian immediately opened his belt, the top of his orange trousers, the zip and flipped out his completely solid cock. He was the good average but nice and thick, and immediately started to stroke it with that huge fist of his. I followed suit. 'Nice one' he said, taking a full view of my cock. I stood back and let go of it and instinctively he reached across and had a feel. 'Nice handful' he remarked as he returned to massage his own tool. 'Nice to have a wank with a mate for a change' he said 'instead of doing it on your own.' 'How often do you have one then? I asked him. 'At least one a day' he told me but sometimes more depending on where he was but usually on his own. 'How about you?' he asked. 'Much the same' I replied but always a bonus when it's with a mate. 'Even better when you and your mate wank each other though isn't it' he commented. 'Much better' I agreed. 'How about it?' he asked. 'I'm game' I replied and without further chat we both reached across and started to gently stroke each other's cocks. After a short while Ian moved so that we were facing each other. A look into those eyes of his told volumes - he was a happy man. Gradually he moved closer and I gently slipped my cock between his legs which he then closed tight and began to slowly gyrate back and forth. At the same time the face came closer, the lips came closer, soon both met as did both tongues and the kiss was one of those out-of-this world events where we both eventually parted to get our breath. 'I love the feel of a stiff cock between my leg' Ian whispered. 'It feels good to me as well' I said and that's how we stayed for some time until the obvious climax approached. Ian was obviously sensitive to events and gently moved off my cock and took it once more in his hand quietly saying he didn't want things to end just yet to which I agreed.
We played slowly for some time. The next move was again from Ian. He sank down on his knees, took my cock in his fist and first kissed it all over then took it almost fully into his mouth, just gently tonguing it. I moved it slowly in and out which seemed to be just what he wanted. Down on his knees Ian removed his lips from my cock long enough to say he was nearly coming. I told him I was as well. He stood up, put his arm around me and as we stood side by side, lips and tongues entwined we wanked each other to the climax, sending loads onto the van floor: "not problem" said Ian and locating a piece of rag the evidence was easily removed. He also confessed that he had never sucked a blokes cock before but had always thought he would like to try if he met someone he liked enough - and today he had. That was a compliment from someone who I found equally attractive.

Our separation was a long, slow one as neither of us wanted to part, but the mould was set: we had met, we didn't part without exchanging a few contact details, and a repeat is almost a certainty at some future date - tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough if it proved possible!!

..and that's it. As I suggested at the outset, you can spent, hours, days, weeks, months, even years, looking for the near perfect experience and when it arrives it appears out of the blue when least expected and usually ends almost a quickly as it began - and that I thought would probably be the case here but time was to prove different as you will find out.
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Delivery Driver - Part 3 of 3

As I said at the start of these stories I was playing 'White Van Man' doing deliveries in an around the West Midlands and was often caught in the ever changing road systems, diversions and closures which were inevitable during the construction of the elevated sections of the M5 and M6 Motorways.

One day, in the worst of winter weather I found a route I had often used was closed and I was following the diversion and trying to get my bearings when I passed a large toilet block I hadn't seen before.
I was immediately attracted because parked outside were vans, cars and lorries and all of them empty.
I turned on a nearby roundabout and headed back, parking opposite the toilet. The rain was hammering down at that point so I sat in the van for a few minutes until it eased a little and was somewhat disappointed to note that there did not seem to be any comings or goings at the toilet so perhaps the parked vehicles were just a co-incidence. Eventually the rain did ease and I headed across the road to the toilet which was set back inside a small compound with high steel railings around it and the path from the road to the entrance was probably 10 to 15yds long. The door was on the side, immediately ahead was the brick wall of the WC's whose doors faced back towards the road, and to the right a Urinal with space for four or so. Instantly I knew I had interrupted something: two men were stood apart at the urinal - one, from his clothes was definitely the driver of a parcel delivery lorry which had been parked outside and the other a young Guy wearing Wellies and green overalls. As I moved to stand between them I then saw that both lock-up doors were closed, and stood outside, leaning on the wall as thought waiting to use them, was another thirty-ish Guy who from his clothes and appearance was definitely the driver of the coal merchants lorry which was parked outside.

I moved in between the two men at the Urinal and unzipped and started to pee leaving my knob end exposed. Out of the corner of my eyes I could tell that the Guys either side of me were covering up slightly but from the way they gripped their cock they were definitely holding onto cocks which were anything but slack. I finished my pee and shook and stretched my knob slowly, letting a bit more come into view each time. The Guy in Wellies reacted first. He uncovered his cock and started to stroke it and it was well solid. I stepped back a pace so the driver on my other side who was now having a good look could see my cock and the cock of the lad with Wellies: his response was pretty quick as he also stepped back to show a thick and solid cock which he started to wank. I turned to watch him and almost at once Wellies hand came from the other side and took hold of my own cock. I looked at him and he winked, then looked behind me to see what the Coalman was doing. He was stood leaning on the wall facing the WCs but with cock out and wanking - and what a cock. It was then that I noticed the big hole in both doors. His cock turned me on and I turned round to get a better view. The driver and Wellies beside me also turned and we all three kept playing with each other. Coalman was bending down to look through the hole in the door then moving forward and pushing his cock through it - with difficulty as he cock was so thick.
After a very short time he pulled back and the door was pulled slowly open: out peeped a face which obviously noted everything going on, then came right out. He was also thirty or so and bollock naked - except for a pair of big boots, and immediately went down on his knees and tried to get coalman's cock down his throat. He was quite an expert and put on a good show. Coalman was more than rampant and fucking into his mouth hard making him choke but he was going to have the cock whatever it took.

Next thing Coalman leaned slightly forward and tapped gently on the door of the other WC which had remained shut and it, in turn was slowly opened and into the doorway stepped a very young Guy - probably around twenty or so, with cock out and wanking hard on another nice sized cock. Coalman reached across to play with this Young Guy who stepped further out to meet Coalman's hand and then the biggest surprise of all - the Young Guy was obviously the Coalman's Mate because his jeans, hands and face were covered with black just like Coalman himself. The naked Guy was obviously aware of the Young Guy's appearance and he pulled off Coalman and turned to take the Mate's cock in his mouth instead.

This was my chance. I moved away from the Stand-ups to take hold of Coalman's cock. It was a beauty: I always though I was a lucky lad but he was hung better than me and obviously enjoyed someone else taking him in hand. His young mate started to show signs of being ready to shoot his load down the naked Guys throat and just at the last second whipped his cock out and shot all over Naked's face. This had a sudden effect on Coalman who I was wanking, he went into almost a trance and I knew he was on the verge - then he let go as well and did he shoot a load - all up Naked's back, over his head, and onto his mate who was stood shaking his own cock off and watching as I wanked Coalman.
Coalman stood up, shook his cock hard, put it away and zipped up, his mate following suit.
The only words said were Coalman to his obvious mate, 'that alright for you then your randy bastard?' and as they left his mate replying 'fucking lovely, where next?'

By now the other delivery driver had shot his load watching events and was also heading out. The naked Guy, perhaps getting a bit cold, stepped back into the WC and pulled on his jeans and sweater and a large work jacket with his Firms name on it - definitely from one of the Motorway Construction Gangs and then came out and joined me and Wellies who were still wanking at the stand-ups. He took us both, one in each hand and finished us off and as he did I wanked him off. We all zipped up together ready to leave only to find the rain was more like a Monsoon again so we all three stood inside talking.
Naked said he'd found the place a few weeks earlier and had some regular good times there, even during the night. He was living in a Caravan on a Construction Site Compound and had caught one or two of the other lads in that toilet and was now regularly giving them a blow job in his caravan after work.
'Wellies' was a local Guy - a window cleaner he said - and told us that until the work started on building the Motorways nothing had ever happened in the toilet - and the holes had only appeared since the Motorway Guys started coming in. He confirmed that the young Guy who had left with the Coalman was the Coalman's delivery mate and they were regulars in that toilet and in a few others depending where they were delivering. Coalman he told us, lived near him and drank in the same pub as him as did Coalman's mate and now and then there was a bit of a get-together after closing time when Coalman and his mate used to have a walk through a local park before going home.
'I've seen some right fucking group sessions with those two ' he said. I could imagine it.

I made that a regular calling place and was never disappointed. I saw 'Wellies' cleaning windows a couple of times and stopped off for a chat and an update - usually in a quiet side street in the back of the van!!
I saw the Coal Lorry a few times elsewhere and called in to find they were being well serviced as usual - even managed to get a blow job off the mate once while Coalman fucked somebody else.

Then, ultimately of course, the Motorways were completed and opened, the workmen disappeared and all the streets returned to normal. I gave up being a delivery driver and for years now have driven up and down the Motorways themselves, but always in mind, the good old days and what went on beneath them and around them as they were being built.
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It's a bit lonely in the Stories Section.
Time for some help?
Let me have some entertainment reading your Stories instead of writing my own.
Go for it.
Wait your contributions to pass away the dark winter evenings.
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Delivery Driver - Part 2 of 3

A few weeks after the events which unfolded in the first part of this story I was driving along one of the main 'A' road in the northern part of the area and rather desperate for a pee and looking for a toilet. Eventually I found one.
It was early afternoon: there were two or three other vehicles parked nearby but my interest at that point was to empty the bladder. The toilet had just been cleaned. The young cleaner - mid twenties, fair haired, average build, wearing standard green work trousers and jacket, was sat in a little storeroom, the door wide open and just finishing a mug of tea. The place was immaculate. As I was peeing the young cleaner came to the wash basins and rinsed his mug out. 'Reckon you earned that' I said, referring to the drink,' long time since I saw a toilet as clean as this.' 'Come back in a couple of hours mate', he replied in his Brummy accent, 'and you'll never know it's been done'. He finished rinsing his mug, put it down on the sink, and came and stood next to me and continuing the conversations said 'I'll join you then go and see what waits for me at the next port of call' during which he had unzipped, pulled out his cock and was peeing as well. He wasn't making any great effort to hide his cock, and as we talked he kept looking in my direction and gave one or two obvious glances down at my cock. Having finished my pee I went into the shake routine and decided to be fairly open. 'You a driver' he asked. 'Yes' I replied 'delivery work' 'Bet the wife misses that then when your away for the night' he said, giving a nod down towards my cock. Don't have nights out on this job I told him and I've followed the advice of my married mates, I just get my hand round a pint pot, sometimes a set of darts and when I feel a bit randy get my hand round this at which I put my cock firmly into the palm of my hand and let it lie there for a few seconds. 'Looks like a fair handful mate' said the Cleaner and with a cheeky grin added 'can you manage it on your own?' Looking across I could see his cock had definitely started to rise and so had mine. We're OK here I thought. 'Like most blokes I've played around a bit' I replied 'I don't really believe any bloke who says he hasn't ' 'I know I have' said the Cleaner, 'but not so sure I've had my hand round anything as big as yours.' 'Help yourself mate if you want to try it for size' I said, turning towards him. He didn't reach over but turned, picked his mug up off the basins and nodded for me to follow him into his room. I did and he promptly pushed the door shut and dropped the Yale latch on it. I dropped my zip and wound out my cock, now on full revs. Cleaner, sat down in his chair and at just the right height took it gently in his hand, stroking it, pulling on it, squeezing it, then using both hands and finally starting to wank it.
'Fucking hell mate' he said 'this is what I call a cock. You want to call in here around teatime when the lads are on the way home, or later on at night, they'd fight to get their hands on this.' 'Better give you a hand as well' I said, and he stood up. He had a nice cock himself, certainly above average and very soon his response told me he was about ready to shoot as was I. 'Go on lad' I said, 'I'm nearly there' He sat back down in the seat. 'Want to see you come close up' he said and as he wanked so I obliged sending a thick load of spunk across the room onto the far wall. 'Never mind that' he said 'I'll soon clear that up. He stood again. 'Go on mate' he said 'your turn'. A few jerks later his spunk joined mine. He pulled a few sheets from a toilet roll and we cleaned ourselves up and Cleaner dealt with the wall. 'Cheers' he said 'how often do you come this way then? I'm usually here about this time.' 'I never know really' I explained 'it depends where I have to deliver, but I'll be looking out if I do.' He locked up and we made our way outside, but stood talking by his van for a short while. As we were talking a motorbike went by at a fair rate of knots.
We watched it go. 'If ever you're here and a young lad with a motorbike comes in he's worth having a look at' Cleaner told me. 'He's 19 or 20, about your height, fair, nearly blond hair, and I reckon he might match you for fucking size as well,' 'I'll keep my eyes open' I told him. 'Right then' I said, 'suppose we'd better get some work done. Cheers for the hand. Might see you again.' 'You know where I am if your about' he said and with that we parted. I did drop in a few time after that and met up with him. Once he was stood at the stand-ups alongside another driver so I stood away from them intent on having a piss and leaving and not spoiling any fun. When cleaner saw it was me he turned to the other driver and told him I was a mate and invited us both into his storeroom where he wanked us both off.

Some weeks after meeting the Cleaner I was working late. It was dark and probably around 8pm when I was passing and decided to look in. It seemed very quiet. There was a lorry parked about 100yds up from the toilet and a couple of other cars a bit nearer to it. I parked a few yards in front of the lorry and set off to walk to the toilet. I was nearing the entrance when I heard a vehicle door shutting. Looking back the lorry driver was locking the passenger door and having done so set off towards the toilet himself.
The toilet was empty even the lock-ups. I stood at the urinals but thought I'd wait for the lorry driver to come in (if he was going to) before I started to pee although of course he might come in to use the WC.
Soon I heard footsteps and in he came and stood at the next but one stall. I started to pee. He pulled his cock out and started to piss as well and made no attempt to hide anything. I finished and stood shaking the spots off fully aware that I was being watched. He followed suit. I looked across and there was definite eye contact. Nothing was said. My cock started to rise and so did his. Mine was soon solid and so was his and just at that critical moment footsteps outside announced the possible arrival of someone else. In came an oldish Guy with a large dog. He set about giving the dog a drink in a bowl and was obviously going to be there a while. I zipped up and headed out. I expected the lorry driver would do the same and sure enough I heard him behind me. He caught up with me as I reach the van so I paused. 'Old boy's out of that car' he said ' pointing to one ahead of us 'been walking the dog down in the Park.' I leaned on the side of my van. I was wearing very tight ice-blue jeans which were the fashion and still had more than a semi-hard on and the bulge down my left leg was evident. The lorry driver himself was wearing tight work jeans, had a thumb in his left pocket and was using his fingers to stroke a definite bulge running down his left leg. 'Things looks lively' he said, glancing down at my bulge which was now solid. I pushed forward a little to let it stand out even more. Lorry driver then, after looking up and down the pavement, reached across and stroked my bulge then, letting go and leaning back himself, showing his cock now solid, I followed his example and gave his cock a stroke or two. 'You want to jump in the cab?' he asked saying he was OK for an hour but was waiting for another of the firms lorries to meet him and do a change over.
That's why I park by the phone box he explained: any problems and I'm near a phone.
We climbed in. He lay on a bunk which was wide enough for us both and I lay beside him. He took the initiative and had his cock out in an instant and then had my zip down and my cock out almost as quick.
I reached over and started wanking him off and he did he same with me. He was thirty or so, nice athletic figure and a good thick cock probably 7" of so long. As we wanked we swapped details of what we liked and the usual stuff. He was a regular at that spot three nights most weeks doing the change over having driven up from Devon and swapping with a lorry that came down from Humberside. His usual trick was to let the other truck leave first after the change over then hang about himself to see if there was any cock about. That night the truck coming to meet him was running late so he was having an early look.
I told him I hadn't been there at night before but did call in the daytime but gave no details about the Cleaner. As we were wanking and exchanging a blowjob as well there was a sound outside of a motorbike pulling in. 'Fucking hell' said the Driver, 'I bet that's Nick. He's got a fucking cock at him. I've had him in the cab a few times but he's sensible because the other truck is identical so he waits for a signal from me.'
'How do you fancy a threesome?' Driver asked adding 'I know he'll be up for it.' 'It's OK with me' I told him and with that he reached over and gave a quick flash on his lights and sat in the passenger seat and pulled the curtain back. In no time the motor cycle lad was at the passenger door. 'Alright mate?' the driver asked and when Motorbike said he was OK driver told him he'd got a mate in the cab but he was welcome to join in. Motorbike was in in a shot. It was definitely the bloke the Cleaner had told me about - 19-20 years and blond hair. The Driver sat back on the bunk and Nick the Motorbike lad sat in the passenger seat. 'What do you think of this then?' Driver asked Nick as he took hold of my cock and started to play with it again. 'Fucking hell' said Nick 'bit of competition there.' and by now he was pulling his own cock out which was already stiff. He certainly was competition: very well endowed and he was leaning over and playing with my cock in no time whilst Driver reached across and starting pulling on his. Driver and me both got sat on the edge of the bunk with Nick in front of us. He loved cock and had one in each hand and took it in turns to suck on both of us. Driver winked a me and gently pulled Nick up onto the bunk in a kneeling position with his ass towards the windscreen then he reach up somewhere, found a Durex and after slipping it on his cock went behind Nick and straight up him almost without a pause. Nick's body trembled as he now had one hand round my cock and was sucking my knob end and Driver fucking him at a fair pace. I managed to reach down and get a hand on Nick's cock and play with it. Driver eventually showed signs of going to shoot his load and nodded to the Durex packet on the bunk. 'For me?' I mouthed, and got a nod. I took the offer and as Driver pulled out and moved back onto the bunk I slipped on a durex and moved into his place. Nick was aware of what was going on. All he said was 'not too fucking hard mate with that tool of yours.' I took it gently. He was relaxed and in no time, with just a little flinch here and there, he had it all. Driver was now playing with Nick's cock and although he had come off himself he was still solid and Nick was down on him sucking like fuck. Nick was a good fuck. Nice and tight and a good rhythm and eventually I followed Driver's example and filled the second durex.

Nick sat up on the edge of the bunk and lay back. He’d been fucked twice but hadn’t come off himself.
He’d got a beautiful cock so I went down and gave it a few sucks. This seemed to turn Driver on as, although he’d only come off five minutes before, he was solid and ready to come off again. I moved up off Nick’s cock and asked Driver if he wanted to give it suck. A thumbs up said ‘Yes’ and across he came, taking Nick’s cock almost full down his throat. He’s done that before I thought. He was some expert and soon had 19yr old Nick, in rampant form was shooting a massive load down his throat. I was so fucking carried away wanking myself that I came off again onto a towel which the Driver had sensibly put on his bunk.. Undaunted Nick pulled Driver back up to kneel on the bunk with us, took the Driver cock firmly in his hand and in no time had helped Driver shoot a second load as well. By the time this was over we were all cover in sweat. Driver found another towel and we wiped ourselves down and dressed as the changeover Truck would not be too long before it arrived. Driver peeped through his curtain. All was quiet so we jumped out and stood talking near to Nick’s Motorbike. There wasn’t much traffic at the time and Nick looked as though he could have done with more. He kept reaching over and feeling at my cock and the Driver’s cock and was clearly still hard himself. ‘What you doing for the rest of the night?’ we asked him. ‘When you two have gone’ he said ‘ I’ll hang around a bit and if it’s quiet have a look round a few other places’. At that point the changeover lorry arrived and we broke up saying Cheerio to our Driver mate. Nick came talking to me for a few minutes, still wanting another fuck, but with a timed pick-up at a local firm I soon had to head off and leave him to look for another cock or two.

I saw the Driver a couple of times after that and also saw Nick one afternoon when he had just finished work. He followed me to a quieter spot and we spent half and hour in the back of the van!!

So that was location two marked up but location three, right in the middle of the Motorway Construction area was to prove full of variety as well. More of that next time.
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Delivery Driver - Part 1 of 3

Passers-by on the M5 and M6 in the Walsall & West Bromwich area north-west of Birmingham may not realise that much of it is elevated and built on huge pillars above the surrounding roads. During its Construction roads were closed, diversions appeared and traffic multiplied as hundreds of lorries and construction vehicles flooded the area. It happened at a time when I spent some two years of my younger life as a delivery van driver travelling anywhere between Wolverhampton, through Birmingham and down to Coventry. Chaos often reigned and my copy of the local A-Z Street Guide soon became worn and tatty as I found, and learnt alternative routes. So much for the downside: there were pluses not the least of which was the discovery of several previously unknown toilet blocks some of which, the locals could tell me, were hardly used until the arrival of the Construction Teams and which, almost overnight became very active and often full of Truck Drivers, Mechanics and Labourers looking for more than a piss or a crap.

I remember three such locations and prompted by a recent journey through the area when the Motorway network was closed due to a series of accidents I used my past knowledge of the area to use some of the alternative routes I had learned years ago and some memories came flooding back
The first location I remembered was in the Wednesbury area. I had popped in once or twice to respond to an active call of nature but had always been the sole occupant. One this memorable occasion I was working later than usual and called in around 17.15hrs. It was dark: there seemed to be just a single light working inside and it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. To my surprise, I was not alone this time and there were several people in there, all stood rigidly at the stand-ups. Clearly my arrival had been detected because the frosty glass window near the entrance give an image of anyone walking down the footpath from the main road. I found a gap between two Guys, got my cock out and started to piss. It was not difficult to detect that the Guys each side of me were casually looking down into my basin and not difficult for me to detect that both were doing their best to conceal swollen cocks.
I finished my piss and made a show of shaking off the spots. One of my neighbours immediately let loose the grip on his own cock and let it hang and as I continued to shake mine his grew and grew and in no time was solid and mine followed suit. The other neighbour seeing that all was apparently OK turned to the Guy on his other side and they started wanking each other. Another Guy moved across and gently pushed the closed door of one of the WC's which slowly opened to expose a Guy with his jeans down round his ankles and stroking a nice sized cock. The Guy from the stand-ups went straight down onto it and started giving it a rapid blow-job. I turned to watch all the while stroking my own cock and soon the Guy by my side reach across and took over. This gave me a good chance to look at him as I reached for his cock. He was late twenties or so, wearing boots and overalls, and a jacket with a firms name on it and a bag on his shoulder which presumable contained a lunch box and flask. He had a nice thick cock with a decent length to it. We continued to play with each other and watch the BJ which came to an end: the Guy giving seemed to realise the end was near and pulled off, grabbed the cock of the Guy in the doorway and wanked him to termination. A massive load shot across the floor. The Guy in the toilet gave a thumbs up signal, pushed the door to and a couple of minutes later with clothes back in place came out and headed off. The BJ giver was looking for more cock. The two who had been wanking at the stand-ups had finished each other off and gone leaving must me and the Guy who I had been wanking with. BJ came over and took my companions cock in his mouth, then took mine in his spare hand and started to suck and wank us both in turn only, to suddenly say 'Oh! Fuck!', stop what he was doing and reveal that in his excitement he had shot his own load. It's happened to us all!!!
He left just leaving me and this factory worker to continue. I've always enjoyed pushing my hard cock between a bloke's legs and giving it some pelvic thrust and I was turned on when this Guy whispered 'I'd like to feel that between my legs.' Who was I to refuse. We moved across to the wall near the washbasins and I obliged with both of us keeping an eyeing for anyone arriving. He said someone might but usually by that time the lads on their way from work had been and gone and it became quiet. I got close to shooting my load and slipped out: we returned to wanking and finished each other off. After we had tidied up we left together and he came across the road to where I was parked. I asked him if he had a car and he said he was waiting for a bus to West Bromwich. As I was going that way I offered him a lift which he accepted and dropped him off near his street.
On the way he told me a bit about the area and said he often called where we had met on his way from work. He added a few comments about who to look out for if I called again at that time the best of which he said was a man about his age, usually like him, with a lunch bag on his shoulder and a pair of overalls with the name of a Garage on it. He lived near the toilet and was known to invite lads back with him when he knew there was no one else at home. The attraction he told me was the size of this lads cock. He'd never seen one like it.
This proved a great attraction to me and I made a point of calling there at teatime when ever I could - which wasn't all that often then, one day, many weeks later and into summer I walked in and there was someone who fitted this Guys description and stood by him a short thin Guy who initially I though was too young to play around with but turned out to be a student from the local Technical College who was twenty and looked several years younger. I stood a couple of stalls away but made a point of standing back so they could see my cock as I pissed. It worked. First the Garage Guy stood back to display that donkey cock I'd been told about and the student, looking across him towards me also stood back to show his solid knob. I gave them a signal that I'd keep watch from them if they liked. They did. Student immediately dropped his jeans - pale blue and skin tight which showed up the hairs on his peach of an ass - and turned to invite donkey cock in. Never! I thought, will he take that cock, but he did, albeit with a bit of a shout here and there and must have had at least six or seven inches up him before donkey gave a final thrust sending in what must have been nine or ten inches or perhaps even more. He rode Student's ass for some time but was suddenly interrupted by the image of someone arriving. We all moved to the stand-ups. The new arrival was none other than my factory worker friend. Garage Worker and Student recognised him at once and went back to their fuck. Factory gave me a nod, out came his cock and we both stood there wanking and watching while Garage gave Student the fuck of his life. Student wanked himself off before Garage had come off himself and he pulled off, dressed and with a wave left us.
Garage said he had waited weeks to get that Student who was a bit nervous and that was the first time he managed to persuade him to be fucked. Factory was playing with Garage's cock by now and nodded for me to have a feel. It felt good, particularly when Garage reached over and took my cock in one hand and Factory's cock in the other. Before we could finish we were interrupted. Neither of us seemed to fancy the newcomer and eventually Garage zipped up and moved to go out but on the way nodded for us to follow.
We met him across the road. 'You know where I live' he said to Factory. 'Got time to come home with your mate' - meaning me - 'it's OK for an hour or so then the folks will be home.' Factory looked at me. 'I'm OK for a while' I said. 'OK' said Garage 'see you there in ten minutes.' and off he walked. Factory and myself stayed chatting for a while then we go into my van and he directed me the half mile or so to Garage's street. We parked near and as we reached his door it opened and he invited us in - he'd been watching out for our arrival. His safe spot was a large shed out at the back of the property where he kept a motorbike. Useful he said, because if the folks arrived early we could always leave quietly down a side passage without being seen. He had it all sorted. Being summer and being hot all three of us were soon stripped off. Garage was into Groups it seemed and happy with most things. Factory wanted the donkey cock up between his legs for a while and while it was there I played with his ass and with Garage's ass, which he seemed to like. I got no resistance so moved to let my knob end tickle Garage's ass. His response was pretty quick, he reached behind, caught my cock and pulled it into his ass. When he let go I kept it going and was soon several inches up him with the cheeks of his ass squeezing and opening against my prick and getting into the rhythm of a first class fuck. Soon Garage gently eased Factory away and his cock out from between Factory’s legs: he equally gently turned Factory round and pulled him back onto his cock. Factory had been there before. He made no protest and pushed gently back and with some gasps and a bit of whispered shouting eventually took most of Garage’s cock - so there we were, me up Garage and Garage up Factory. It was erotic stuff, particularly when both me and Garage appeared to shoot our loads at the same time upon which, Factory, who was wanking himself whilst being fucked by Garage also shot his load. The sweat was pouring off us as we slowly dressed and made for off. I gave Factory a lift home and also saw both he and Garage a few more times before I changed my job and went to work elsewhere. I even managed to have a quick home session one evening with Student who had eventually overcome his nerves and become a regular visitor to Garage’s back garden.
So, that was one placed flagged up on my rounds. The second one was no less exciting and one I discovered, again by accident, and all will be revealed in the next episode.
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City Life Part 4

Working in a Filling Station had its downside: shifts in particular and being confined to an indoor life, having been brought up in the Country.
I heard of a vacancy for a delivery driver with a local Firm, applied for the job and was successful. With regular hours and better wages I regained some of my freedom. Stories to follow.
My delivery work took me all over the West Midlands. One day, travelling back down the M5 I called at the Frankley Service Station to have a meal.. My first port of call on the way in was to visit the toilets. They were surprisingly quiet with just one young Guy in overalls washing his hands at the basins. I headed to the stand-ups and as I was peeing was aware that the Guy in overalls seemed to be taking his time washing his hands. A casual glance in his direction told me he was actually using the mirror to watch me. This was a bit of a turn-on so I tempted fate and made a somewhat open view of shaking off the spots, showing all which began to rise!
Another look told me that the Guy in overalls was now looking round to see the real thing and not a reflection. I gave him a full sideways flash of a tool that was now nearly solid.
His face lit up and leaving the basins he walked into a toilet immediately behind me, left the door open, stood sideways, pulled out his own knob to let me see that he was solid as well. Nothing enormous but a decent handful for all that. He nodded for me to join in but that wasn't my thing - despite the attraction of a nice cock. Looking a bit disappointed he left the toilet and headed towards the shower room and nodded for me to follow him there. I felt comfortable with that as the shower door could be locked on the inside and no one could look over or under the wall, and so a nice quickie wank followed. He wasn't a regular he told me, just passing, was in a small truck and would be parking up somewhere further down the Motorway when his driving hours were up.

I had a meal, another quick visit to the toilets on the way out but all was still quiet and headed home.
As the evening wore on my mind kept returning to the "quickie" at Frankley Services and a real need for something more. I had never had a real opportunity to fully explore the Worcester Lorry Park and, feeling well up for some action decided this was the night to investigate.
It was a warm, late summer's night I put on a tightish pair of jeans and a tee shirt, decided to wear my work boots as the area near the river could be muddy and around 8pm set off on foot, walking down to the Racecourse and following the path alongside the river towards the Grandstand. The area around the Grandstand was deserted so I climbed the low wall up onto the remains of an old viaduct where action was often available but found that deserted as well so I continued, dropped down the wall at the other end which brought me onto a pathway alongside the river and beneath the railway viaduct. Still no one in sight. Had I chosen the wrong night or was I too early? The path at this point was separated from the car park by a high fence but I knew there was a gap in the fence a little further on which would take me into the car park and to where the trucks parked however, before I reached that gap I saw a middle aged man wearing suit and tie coming towards me and closely followed by a much younger guy in jeans and tee shirt. The man passed without speaking, the young guy just nodded and continued after the older guy. Clearly they were up for some action under the viaduct or beyond and as darkness was falling they would not be seen from the other side of the river.
I left them to it - never one to ruin other people's fun, and arriving at the gap in the fence went to step through it only to collide with someone leaving the Car Park to come onto the river bank.
He apologised and stepped back. "No problem mate" I said. "Where does the path go?" he asked.
I explained it just went down under the railway viaduct and came up to a wall which you could climb and get onto the Racecourse. "Just wondered" he said "only I've been sat in my truck and seen one or two going that way and coming back after a while." "Is this yours?" I asked, pointing to the truck parked immediately facing the gap in the fence. "That's mine" he said, "first time I've parked here so don't know the place very well." He was from the North East and said he usually parked in Tewkesbury, adding it was not a bad place and usually someone about to chat to. I knew Tewkesbury well and where the Trucks parked at night. "I have a night down in Tewkesbury now and then" I told him, usually park by the trucks and have a walk into the town. "It's a good spot" he agreed, adding it was useful to have some toilets handy if you had one too many pints." As the conversation had turned to toilets I felt he was opening up the chat a bit so said he would be OK here as there was a large toilet block with a washroom under the Viaduct. He had used it he said, and had also spent five minutes reading the graffiti which I thought was opening the chat up even more. “I’ve seen it” I confessed. adding that I often wondered if anyone ever turned up when they said they would. “Might do” he said “there’s one there saying ‘here tonight 8.30 looking for some fun’ and those two Guys who have just gone down the path came out of the Toilets: a couple of Drivers went in with wash gear and I reckon they disturbed something!” That confirmed my thoughts - this Guy was OK. “Those toilets see a bit of action” I said “under the viaduct the same and up on the Racecourse near the Grandstand.” “You reckon those two Guys are having a fuck under the viaduct then?” he asked “Probably” I said. “Let’s have a look” he said heading to the gap, “won’t disturb them but nice to watch” I followed him but our luck was out for we had only gone a couple of yards when we met the suited Guy coming out. “Fucking shame” he said. “Never mind, the night’s young.” As we were about to turn back the young Guy who had also been under the viaduct came up the path and somewhat unexpectedly put his arm around my shoulder and said “long time no see, how’s tricks?”
Now a bit older, with crew cut hair it was none other than Bob the Forktruck Driver who I had met some months before and mistaken for being somewhat underage.
"Any luck down there?" I asked him referring to the Guy who had just left. "Waste of fucking space" was his reply, "just stood there like a fucking statue, didn't want to suck , fuck or even get his cock out, just wanted to watch me wanking." "We didn't miss anything then" I said "my mate here's into a bit of viewing and I was showing him the way round." "I suppose you've got a hard on as usual" said Bob, reaching across and groping my cock. which was well solid "I thought so" he said, "come on back down the path and I'll give it the same as last time and your mate here can watch." "I'm game" I said and was ready to head down under the viaduct when the Driver I was with said "I've got a better idea: back of my truck , it's empty and no one to disturb us" We all headed to his truck which had a side shutter which he unlocked and in we jumped with the driver pulling the shutter down. I whipped my cock out, Bob did the same and after a bit of foreplay he went down on his knees and took my meat between his lips. The driver was well into the action, had his own cock out and was wanking himself as he watched. Bob beckoned him to come nearer and when he did he moved his lips off my cock, took it in his hand and the Driver's cock in his other hand and began tonguing our knob ends in turn, sucking each cock in turn and eventually trying to suck on both at the same time. The Driver was well away, his arm came across my shoulders and each time Bob took his cock between his lips he gyrated in and out, getting faster and faster and soon shot a full load down Bob's throat. Immediately Bob moved on to me and soon received a second load then, standing up, with his cock solid as steel he gave himself half a dozen jerks and shot his own load.
"Well!" said the Driver, who later introduced himself as Cliff after we had tidied ourselves up, "what next?" "How about a pint?" asked Bob.
"Not a bad idea" said Cliff and a few minutes later we were sat in a nearby pub washing down the proceeds of the earlier excitement.
There were quite a few in the bar, including other drivers from the lorry park so the conversation was general - no mention of earlier events. After a while I became conscious of a young guy sat nearby who seemed to be giving me the eye and over the course of the next few minutes confirmed it as every time I looked towards him he was looking towards me. Having finished our pint I offered to buy another round which was accepted and after returning to the table I told Bob and Cliff I wanted a leak and headed to the toilets. I had forgotten about my admirer but, in the middle of my own piss the toilet door opened and in he came He came straight across and stood next to me. "Your haven't recognised me have you?" he said. "Sorry mate" I said, "but no." "Frankley" he said, "Frankley Services, earlier tonight." "Fucking hell" I said, "you've changed." "Surprising what a good wash and a change of clothes can do." he said. "Are those your mates?" he asked.
"One is" I told him and the other is a Driver we got chatting to on the Lorry Park." "They up for a bit of fun?" he asked "I've had fuck all luck here tonight." "My mate's OK: I think the Driver is: come and sit with us and let's take it from there."

I headed back to the lads with the Guy from Frankley and introduced him as a someone I'd met when I'd been out delivering in Birmingham and he was now parked up for the night across the road.
From the word go it was easy to see the new Guy (I'll call him Frank - after the place I met him) and Bob had instant chemistry - at times they even had their own conversation whilst the rest of us were talking about something else.
The inevitable "closing time" came and eventually we all left the pub and walked back across to the Lorry Park and stood in a group talking near Cliff's truck. Bob said he needed a piss and headed towards the toilet block: Frank said he was in need as well and followed Bob - which didn’t surprise me having noted their chemistry earlier however, much to my surprise they were back fairly quickly.
“I suppose it’s time to get the head down then” said Cliff whose truck we were near. “You mean you want to get on that bunk and have a wank” teased Bob. “Come and join me if you like” replied Cliff.
“What about these lads?” asked Bob, nodding towards Frank and me “can’t leave them out!”
“Better get this shutter up again then” said Cliff and two minutes later the four of us were in the back of the truck. Although it was now dark Cliff’s truck had a Perspex roof and a nearby lamp made it easy to see.
Bob set the trend. He stripped completely off in about a minute flat and Frank followed suit. Cliff and myself just stood back and watched. What an act they put on. I knew Bob was a randy cunt but Frank was his match. They sucked, wanked, kissed and eventually Bob asked Frank if he wanted to take a length - the answer was ’Yes’ and without hesitation Bob reached down into his jeans lying on the floor, grabbed a Durex, slipped it on to his tool and turning Frank around was quickly shagging the ass off him.
I looked across at Cliff whose truck we were in - he was transfixed, cock out and giving himself a slow wank. He caught sight of me looking and winked and gave me a thumbs up. Frank, obviously enjoying the fuck beckoned for me to go over which I did and promptly he took hold of my cock, put his lips around it and started giving me a top class blowjob. I motioned for Cliff to come over and Frank began doing what Bob had done earlier, sucking us both in turn. Bob was enjoying the fuck and obviously getting a thrill out of watching what was happening in front of him.

As ever all good things have to come to an end. Cliff said he wanted to see everyone shoot their load - and it was his truck we were in so we all stood in a line and finished ourselves off.
Everyone seemed reluctant to part but the two drivers obviously had to get their heads down and eventually we separated. Bob had his bike nearby said he would walk towards home with me. As we went under the viaduct towards a gap in the fence which give access into the Racecourse the night took a final twist. Right by the gap was a truck with driver sat in it with curtains open and lights on and as we passed he wound his window down and said "aren't we speaking them?" We paused: Bob looked up and recognising the driver said "Hello Mate. How long have you been parked up?" "About and hour was the reply." "Certainly didn't see you about earlier" said Bob, "pity !" The driver at this point jumped down from his cab. Bob introduced him to me. "You in a hurry?" asked the Driver. "Not got a lot of time" replied Bob, "early start tomorrow." "Give me a quick suck-off then" said the Driver, moving down the side of his truck where it was dark.
We both followed, "I'll keep a watch" I said, and in no time Bob was giving the Driver a blowjob - and what a blowjob it was as the Driver was very well hung. Once over Bob said "see you again mate" and off we set for home. On the way Bob reminded me of the night we had first chatted and the Guy who came out of the toilets into his car, followed by a Trucker when we thought there was no one in there - well that was the Trucker we had seen. "Pity he wasn't about earlier" I commented, "we could have made it a five-some: bet Frank would have liked a length of what he's got."
Eventually we reached the point where Bob and I would part and I took the initiative and asked if he wanted to stay the night but said I had an early start so he would have to be up and away early. He was happy with that and both stripped and in bed together we managed our third shoot of the day. The joys of being young!!

Not many weeks later my career took off in another direction - the Construction Industry, and all the Stories about that to follow - in the meanwhile however, the next three stories are about my adventures as a delivery driver and, finally, thanks for reading and I hope they stirred a few hormones for you!
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City Life Part 3

A weekend off work was always appreciated and on one such weekend, the weather being hot and preferring the outdoors I decided on the Sunday morning to take a bike ride out of the City along the towpath of the Worcester to Birmingham canal which I had been told had its moments.
I joined the canal at Gregory's Bank at about midday and pedalled north under Bilford Road and reached Blackpole Road bridge where the built-up area was more or less left behind just the Warndon Housing Estate on my right and open fields on the left. All seemed deserted - a dog walker and someone also on a bike heading the other way - still that was fine - being away from the madding crowds was something of a tonic. Eventually I came to a bridge which linked fields either side of the canal. It had obviously had no use for some time as, apart from a narrow well worn footpath it was overgrown and, now a couple of miles from the City I propped the bike against the bridge and stood at its centre taking in the view.
After a few minutes I heard someone approaching from behind and turning a young lad pedalled past on a bike, just raising his hand and shouting the usual greeting "alright mate?" to which I reply "fine thanks"
I watched him continue then a hundred yards or so on he stopped, dismounted, looked back in the direction he had come from and then pushed his bike through a gap in a tall hedge and disappeared.

It was ten minutes or more before I decided to carry on. As I passed the spot where the other cyclist had gone through the hedge I paused: there was a well worn track into some rough ground probably half the size of a football pitch which was overgrown with fern, grass and clumps of bushes. There was no sign of the other Guy.
I pedalled on, under the A449 link road from the Motorway and eventually reached the Droitwich to Pershore road where I stopped again, this time leaning on a field gate watching the traffic on the Motorway. I was startled by a voice behind me asking "how's it going the mate?" Because of the traffic noise I had not heard anyone approaching and turned round to find my fellow cyclist had caught up with me. "Alright" I told him, "nothing like a bit of fresh air." "Too fucking true mate" was his response, then asked if I fancied a hangover as he was trying to get rid of one. "Not particularly" I replied, asking what he'd been up to to get his.
He told me he had been working away for a couple of weeks with a two other lads in Birmingham and the job had finished the previous night so they had hit the pub to celebrate and stayed in their Digs because no one was fit to drive and had come home that morning. When I asked what the job was he said it was rewiring a large factory unit, adding that it was also in a lively area. "How lively?" I asked him. "Let's put it this way" he said " a quick trip to the corner shop guaranteed at least one offer of a good time from one of the Street Girls and a visit to the toilets near the factory gate to answer the call of nature guaranteed an offer from one of the local lads for a good time as well" adding "they were a good crowd though and we had many a laugh with them in the local pub at nights." "Mind you" he went on "I don't know where some of the girls got their strength: you'd see them getting hooked with a Guy and disappearing and they would be back in twenty minutes with the job done. The story was that if a Guy didn't come off in five minutes they pulled away and gave him a hand job till he did." "Sounds a bit like a treadmill" I said asking if he had been tempted. "No" he replied "not going to pay for a fucking shag,. I'd rather have a free fucking wank from one of the lads." "Nothing wrong with that" I replied, "not many lads can say they haven't jerked off with a mate at some time in their life." "Too fucking true mate" he replied, "I certainly have."
I was getting ready for a piss at this time and excused myself saying "see you in a minute mate, just got to answer the call of nature" and with that I climbed over the gate into the field with had a good thick hedge where, hidden from the canal and the nearby road, I dropped my zip and before I had finished and pulled my tool out my companion had jumped over the gate and was standing alongside me - "I'll join you mate" he said, "Still go a few pints of ale to get rid of I think."
I was conscious that throughout he was eyeing up my cock which had remained slack to this point. As I finished and started to shake the spots off , still watching what I was doing, he remarked that "that's a useful looking tool, some of they Birmingham lads would like to get their hands around it for sure."
"Well" I said, "like you a few of my mates have played with it over the years so a few more won't hurt."
By now things were beginning to rise rapidly and looking down so was my mate's tool which was no tiny one, in fact a bit above average in length and thickness. "Alright if I have a feel at it?" he asked. "Be my guest" I replied and he moved up and began to squeeze and jerk my tool. "Have a feel at this" he said, nodding down at his own weapon. I obliged. After a short while he said we were a bit out in the open, there was a better place back down the canal. We picked up our bikes, my friend, who told me his name was Ben, lead the way and stopped at the gap in the hedge I had noticed earlier. He dismounted and I followed suit. Leading the way still he headed to the far side of the waste land where there was an even higher hedge with several well hidden places which showed signed of previous use.
With bikes laid down we both instinctively dropped our jeans and carried on where we had left off earlier, gently wanking each other. After a while Ben asking if I liked being sucked. "Love it" I told him and with that he was down on is knees, first of all tonguing my knob end then gradually taking his lips down the shaft till the whole length was down his throat. He was no beginner and gradually worked me up to the point of shooting a load and even though I gave him the nod he kept going and swallowed all.
Standing up, turning sideways with arm around my waist he then finished himself off - and some finish: I'm not sure if I have seen a Guy shoot so much and so far before or since. When he finally stopped, and with a bit of a grin, I said, "if that's what happens with a hangover I'd better head for the pub." "D'you fancy a pint?" he asked. "Sure do" I replied. "Follow me" he said and a few minutes later we were enjoying a pint. It turned into two pints. "What next" asked Ben, as we drained the glasses.
"My turn now" I said, "follow me"
Five minutes later we were down at the Racecourse - the quiet end where some weeks earlier I had met Jim the bus driver. The Racecourse was deserted and the grass had grown considerably since my previous visit. Ben was quite impressed with the location. We stripped off to the waist and took advantage of the sun. Ben had a very athletic build and the removal of the shirt revealed a couple of tattoos which I always find attractive. The sun bathing soon turned to a bit of wrestling with the inevitable stirring between the legs. The area was still deserted and with the long grass there was little need to disappear into the bushes for privacy. Ben eventually repeated his earlier "finish" sending yet another load across the grass and mine was soon to follow.
All-in-all not bad for a Sunday when I didn't expect much to happen .. and I still hadn't made a night of it at the Lorry Park so there was something to look forward to.
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City Life Part 2

Finding a chance to check out the Lorry Park took a while. Doing shift work disrupts social life and, with Lorry Parks being best visited in late evening, I was at such times either getting ready to go to work, or just finishing work and heading home.
As a stop-gap I did a few late afternoon visits to familiarise myself with the area and sat on a nearby riverside seat to watch the comings and goings.
The toilet block was somewhat unusual. It was built beneath a railway viaduct - the main Worcester to Hereford line crossing the area at some height. The toilet block was built on a brick platform some twenty or so feet above the car park and accessed by a set of concrete steps - locals could tell me that the area frequently flooded in the winter months and being at such a height the toilets were protected from flood damage. The big advantage was that if you were inside any new arrivals were easily detected before they entered.
A few faces appeared regularly and from the length of time some spent in the toilet it seemed certain that some action occurred but I didn't get involved, preferring just to sit and watch.
I was also a little concerned to find that it appeared to be the haunt of a young guy who frequently appeared riding a bike which he left under the steps and was often inside the toilets for some time: a guy who I felt was probably very much underage and therefore a risk.

It was some weeks before I visited the spot in the evening and that was actually a day when I had to be at work by 10pm but feeling particularly randy decided to call in on the way to work.
I got to the Lorry Park just as dusk was falling about 8.30. It was certainly different to previous visits - a few cars but probably thirty to forty trucks. I left my bike at the bottom of the steps and checked the toilets but they were empty - one lock-up appeared to be in use and the washroom deserted so I decided I would go an sit on the usual seat and see what happened.
As I got to the bottom of the steps someone else rode into the car park on a bike and headed to the toilets - a Guy in what was obviously working clothes - boots, jeans, donkey jacket and a shoulder bag presumably containing sandwiches and a flask. He stopped in front of me and without any preamble asked "anything doing mate?" I was a bit cautious replying "only just got here myself mate and had a piss."
The new arrival didn't seem to be as cautious and said "been dead for the last couple of weeks: not even a fucking wank here these days. You had any luck?" Still being cautious I told him it was first time I had called at night. "Oh!" he responded, "I felt sure I'd seen you before sat over on the seats by the river."
I admitted I did sometimes sit on the seats in the afternoon but didn't remember seeing him about.
"Not in my work gear then" he said "just casual stuff" at which point he pulled back the woollen hat he was wearing and I instantly recognised the young guy that I was more than wary of.
"I recognise you now" I said expressing surprise to see he was off to work because I didn't think he was old enough to be a worker. "Story of my fucking life" he told me, adding he would be twenty next birthday and, apart from a couple of pubs where they knew him he had to carry some ID to prove his age if he went out for a pint. "Suppose it works your way at time though" I said "a lot of Guys like a bit of young cock"
I had warmed to this lad now, he was down-to-earth and the fact that he wasn't underage as I had previously thought stirred a few hormones. My cock started to rise to the occasion. We were both sat on the seats of our bikes at this time facing each other and a quick glance told me my companion was either getting a hard on himself or failing that had a pretty decent size of slack.
His next question threw me a bit at the time. "How much do you charge? he asked. "Charge?" I said "you mean for a bit of cock?" "Yes" he said. "I don't mate" I said, "do you then?" "Depends who it is" he answered, "no harm in asking, and if they say no I might carry on for free anyway." Before I could say anything he added "and with what you've got hanging there mate I reckon some Guys would pay for a length of that!" I'd seen him checking out my crotch and now I looked down at him and he clearly had a hard on so I replied saying I thought what he was showing didn't look too bad either. In response he reached across and felt my cock, which rose a bit further to meet the occasion and said he thought it felt thicker than his and invited me to feel it. I did and said he had nothing to complain about.

Our conversation was interrupted by someone coming out of the toilets. A middle aged man, casually dressed came down the steps and headed towards a nearby car.
"There was a lock-up in use when I looked in" I told my mate, "so suppose that's him."
My mate said it was a new face to him but whilst we were watching another figure appeared coming down the steps - this time carrying a shoulder bag and towel and clearly a trucker.
"There was no sign of him inside" I told my mate, "unless..." He finished the sentence for me.. "unless he was in the lock-up with the Guy from the car."
The point was soon proved for as the car drove out, passing the driver now heading towards a truck, the car driver wound the window down and was clearly heard saying "Cheers pal! Might see you again!" and he was gone.
My mate broke the silence. "Trucker's a nice bloke, well hung as well" he said, adding he had met him a few times and even been in the cab with him. He also said that the Trucker usually hung around the Grandstand on the Racecourse and was into group fun.
"Don't know that spot" I told my mate, and asked exactly where it was.
"Follow me" he said, and peddled off out of the car park, down the road a short distance and into the road leading up to the Grandstand. Two minutes later we were up near the Grandstands and my mate pulled up near a piece of waste ground with a few bushes and some derelict arches of some sort.
"Good spot this" he said, "no street lights, out of the way! First time I saw the driver of that truck he was here with another Guy and I joined in. I suppose you've still go a hard on" he continued and at the same time reach across and started playing with my cock. "Fancy a wank?" he asked, at the same time unzipping his jeans and lobbing his own cock out. We put our bikes against a wall and set about jerking each other off. "Trucker would love this" said my companion, "he'd want to try getting both our cocks between his lips." "I'd be up for that" I said "can't beat someone giving you a good blowjob." Within seconds my mate was on his knees with my cock well down his throat. He was giving one of the best sucks I had ever had and wanking himself off at the same time. When I came towards the climax he indicated he wanted to keep going and swallow. I let him and from the convulsions and noise he made realised he had come off at the same time.
As he got up of his knees his first comment was "Thanks Mate - that'll be something to think about when I have another wank during the night." "Same here" I said "except where I work no chance of a quick wank." I told him where that was and he said he was a Fork truck driver in a Warehouse so could usually nip off for ten minutes and on one shift there was a mate who used to join in.
"Sounds good" I told him, "but suppose be had both better be on our way to do a bit of work." "Unfortunately" he said, "I'm Bob by the way and look forward to a bit more of that."

We headed in the same direction for a while then, when we had to separate we stopped for a couple of minutes of chat. A good daytime and early evening spot he said was along the canal towpath but well out of the City towards the Motorway. Another place to explore!
We parted company and headed to our night shift but Bob was to turn up again, particularly around the Lorry Park where he proved quite an attraction and got some good group sessions going - but more of that later.
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City Life - Part 1 of 4

Many years ago I took a job in the Worcester area: it turned out to be a poor move: I hated the job, quickly found something else which, although involving shifts and night work wasn't too bad.

I hadn't really explored the City and was still learning my way around: I'd found one or two what I will call 'interesting places' and seen the same faces in some of them obviously 'exploring' as I was. It had even got to the point where a couple of them would nod in acknowledgement if they saw me but there was never any interaction.

One particular hot day, having worked overnight, and finding my flat too uncomfortable for sleep I decided to set off and find somewhere a bit cooler, perhaps get a bit of sleep and a bit of sunbathing.
I'd never really explored the Racecourse, even though it was only a few minutes walk from home, but knew the river Severn ran alongside it and thought it might be a quiet and cool location for some rest.
I grabbed my bike, set off, and was there in no time. It was early afternoon and deserted. I found a pleasant spot between the Course and the river, stripped off to the waist, laid down in the sun and dozed off.
Quite how long I slept I don't know, but I remember waking up and, as the brain got into gear the first question it asked was 'where am I?' The answer came instantly. The second recollection was a bit more embarrassing - brain said "you've got a hard on". Waking up with a hard on seems to be a feature of ones younger years and when you are hidden in bed, beneath the sheets, it's not such a problem, but here, in the middle of a public space was different and I lifted my head slightly to see if I had been caught out. I had. Standing just a few yards from me, leaning on the rail alongside the race course was a man, probably early twenties, looking straight in my direction. I sat up swiftly to try and hide my embarrassment.
“Your were well away there!” said the Onlooker. “Bit knackered” I said, “was on nights last night and too hot to kip at home so came to find somewhere a bit cooler.” “You did right” he responded. “I work shifts and know what it’s like: only just finished myself after an early start.”
By now Onlooker was walking in my direction. His dress told me he was probably a bus driver but the unexpected sight was that clearly visible, down the left leg of his work trousers, was the outline of a cock which was far from slack! Onlooker must have noticed me eyeing him up and, nodding down at his crutch, and at the same time squeezing his cock , without showing any embarrassment himself just said ‘it happens to us all mate!”. By now he was alongside me: he laid down on his side and I turned on my side facing him, my own cock showing no signs of calming down - in fact quite the opposite.
Probably as an automatic reply, I’m not sure, but I repeated his gesture, squeezed my own solid cock and said “it sure does, but not the best of times laid on your back in the middle of a Racecourse.”
“No one else about” he responded, “so no harm done.”
“Not so sure about that” I said and changing the subject, ‘by the looks of my arms I’m going to have a bit of sunburn to sort out.” “I think you might be right” agreed my Companion, eyeing up my arms and chest, “let’s move over into the corner by the river, there’s some shade there, and, (with a grin) less chance of being seen with a hard on.” We stood up, I picked up my bike and followed my new mate to the corner he had mentioned. It was certainly a nice quiet spot with plenty of shade. We laid down, again on our sides facing each other. “Have you been down here before?” he asked. “No” I told him, “first time.”
“It’s OK here for a bit of peace and quiet” he said, “and if the old weapon won’t lie down you can always nip in the bushes and get your hand round it” and nodding down at me added, “and it looks as though yours doesn’t want to lie down yet.” “Or yours by the looks of things” I replied having checked him out and seen he was still sprouting a good stiff prick himself.
“I’ll have to something about it before long if it carries on like this” he said, at the same time squeezing his cock once more.
"You've obviously been here before" I commented, "is it usually quiet like this?" "Usually" he replied, "that's why I like it: better than some places which get a bit busy at time." By now I was fairly sure we were on the same wavelength so pushed the conversation a bit further - "where in particular?" I asked.
He named a few places which included some I already knew and more or less confirmed that he was not averse to a bit of action if the opportunity arose.
"So! Where do you work?" he asked. I told him I was working at a Filling Station at the time. He knew it and remarked it always seemed busy, even at night because it was on one of the main roads through the City. 'Glad it is" I said, "at least the time goes by quickly and some of the regulars who call, particularly the Truckers always have a story to tell."
At the mention of Truckers he asked if I ever sat on the riverside at the other end of the Racecourse where the big car park became a Lorry park at nights. I admitted I knew where he meant but hadn't spent any time there. "Some decent lads there some nights" he said, giving another of his grins, "worth a visit - more than a few like me and you with a hard on ready to give each other a hand."
That confirmed it: he was up for a wank at least. "Perhaps we had better give each other a hand now" I said, once more squeezing my solid cock, "as it looks as though we're both ready to." He just nodded, stood up and headed towards to nearby bushes. I followed. As soon as we were under cover he had his flies open and pulled out a very nice thick, solid cock. I did likewise. "Nice" he said, letting go of his own piece of meat and reaching across to take mine in his fist. Instinctively I reached back and took his in my hand and our mutual wank was underway. As the tempo built up my new mate move slowly back to lean on a nearby tree at the same time releasing his work trousers allowing them to fall to his thighs: once firmly leaning on the tree he pulled me further in and guided my very solid cock between his legs, closing them tight and instinctively I began to gyrate in an out. My companion uttered just two words - "fucking lovely" and pulled me in closer. I'm sure we had been building up to this since we had met and were both soon reaching climax point. I pulled gently away not wanting to explode over his work clothes: he obviously realised that I was near to coming and as I pulled back he went down on his knees besides me. I was almost expecting him to take me down his throat but instead, with eyes fixed, he took hold of me once more and expertly jerked me off, watching as I shot, with legs trembling, well into the bushes.
Standing up, with arm placed around my shoulder he invited me to finish him off as well and very soon, with my fist around his throbbing tool he was also sending a stream off into the undergrowth.
We stood there for a while, arms around each others shoulders and getting our breath back.
My new mate was first to speak "that" he said "was how I like it; nice, gentle and straightforward"
"Same here" I confessed, "not into the heavy stuff personally." "Thank fuck for that" he replied, "very often meet someone who ticks your boxes only to find out you have very different tastes." "That's true" I admitted, "but anytime you're about I'm game for a repeat."
After a few minutes lying back in the grass my mate said he had to be heading home and I had to do the same. We set off walking together, me pushing my bike and another pleasant surprise was to find that he lived only a few streets away from me. He was however married and sensibly discrete. Only as we parted did we exchange names: his was Jim. We met a few times over the coming weeks, sometimes out and about, sometimes had a pint together and he dropped home with me before heading off to his own place. One of those sensible friendships the memory of which lingers.
Back to the then though - the Lorry Park at the other end of the Racecourse had to be investigated!!
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Days of old. Saturday night on the Bristol to Derby train.

In the days of railway carriages with compartments I was a regular Saturday evening traveller on the Bristol to Derby train. It used to leave Bristol around 19.30hrs
I was usually at the Station by 18.45hrs and used to spend a few minutes in the subway toilets and although hit and miss was sometimes successful.
It's long enough back not to compromise anyone, but one of the then Porter-Cleaners, a small youngish guy, was always on the lookout for a bit of excitement and we met from time to time.

This particular Autumn Saturday was no different. Jimmy (not his real name) the Porter was in the washroom cleaning the sinks. He quickly told me there was a youngish bloke in cubicle 8 with a great cock which he had wanked under the wall but he didn't seem to want to come out into the washroom or the Porters room with the lock on the door! I went in to cubicle 7 and wasted no time in letting the shadow of me wanking appear on the floor. Sure enough an arm came under the wall in no time. I went down to enjoy the action. After a couple of minutes I got the invite to play back. I reached under the wall and was guided onto a lovely long thick cock. After a few more swaps the Guy in No.8 passed a note to me which just said 'sorry mate, got to get my train' and with that he was gone.
When I went out Jimmy was still at the sinks. 'No luck?' he asked. 'I showed him the note'
'Fucking nice butch lad' said Jimmy 'and what a cock. I could have done with a mouth full of that.' 'Better have a mouth full of mine then' I teased, and followed him into the Porters’ room where he locked the door and was down on his knees accepting a mouthful of my rampant cock within seconds. Jimmy used to wank himself as he sucked and on this night he came off very quickly but kept going and finished me off soon after.
I did a quick tidy up, said 'see you soon' to Jimmy and with my train due out in less than five minutes shot off to the platform.

As usual the carriages near the stairs had a few passenger per compartment but I knew that further back there would be plenty of empty ones. The next to last carriage was almost empty and the last carriage had just one occupied compartment with one passenger - and I felt sure at a quick glance that it was the guy from cubicle 8.
Nothing ventured nothing gained. I opened the sliding door, said 'mind if I join you mate?'
'Come in' he said 'don't mind a bit of company.' I did a further quick check - definitely the same guy - I remembered seeing those black boots under the wall, those black jeans and yes, the one arm had the tattoo I'd seen under the wall. He'd taken his jacket off and it was on the seat. I motioned to it. 'Is a bit warmer in here' I said 'I'll join you' and I took my own jacket off and stretched up in front of him to put it on the rack. I was wearing fairly tight pale blue jeans and, even though I had come off a few minutes earlier, the sight of this bloke had got me on the up again. I caught his look at the bulge which was growing down my left leg. Go for it I thought. I groped my rising cock and said 'sorry about that mate, been feeling a bit rampant and haven't had a chance to get any exercise!' His reply was swift 'join the club mate' he said, at the same time stretching out, groping his own cock and showing it solid and half way down to his knee. 'Fucking hell man!' I said, 'don't think I can compete with that. Looks like a two hand job to toss that one off.' 'One hand or two' he said 'don't care a fuck as long as it's someone else's hand doing it.' 'Let's get this train on the move' I said 'and see if we can help each other out.' 'You're on' he said and reached over to have a good feel and my now completely solid cock. 'Just seeing what I've got to look forward to' he said. I had a quick feel back and said 'I think we might have already had a test run down in the subway toilets.' He said he'd had a couple of plays down there but had to leave to get this train. 'I'm the guy you passed the note to' I told him. 'Fucking brilliant' he said 'looks as though we can carry on after all.

Just at that point the train started off. We put the lights onto dim and was about to drop the blinds when someone came down the corridor and went past. Relief - let's get going - but the relief was short lived for the person who had gone past came back, and not only that opened the door and said 'mind if I join you lads? it's a bit lonely down this end'
There wasn't a lot we could do.

The new arrival was clad in boots, overalls, thick jacket, flat work cap with leather top and carrying two shoulder bags. The jacket came off and with the bags went up on the rack. He was very chatty. Good looking character, maybe thirty or so and told us he was a railway maintenance man on his way to meet a gang at Cheltenham then off by truck to work on the main line overnight.

'Could do without it' he told us 'haven't had a fucking Saturday night out for weeks.
The best I get is a cup of cold tea out of this thing - pointing to a tin jug - and if I'm lucky a quick fucking wank behind an empty signal box - no substitute for a few beers and a good shag. '
Why d'you say " if you're lucky' I asked him 'I'd have thought at night, on a deserted track you could have slipped quietly off and shot your load anywhere.
'You don't know the lads in the gang' he said 'there great piss-takers - see you slipping away and the next thing they're onto it.
I usually wait till we have a break when we split up and find somewhere to sit: My mate comes with me so no one thinks any more about it and more often than not he ends up having a wank as well' '
Sounds good' I said 'I've got a couple of mates like that though we usually end up giving each other a hand.'
'No other way' he said 'don't believe in wanking myself if someone else wants to have a go.'
It was the turn of the guy from cubicle 8 now.
'We were just on about missing out on Saturday night when you came in' he said 'and my mate here (nodding to me) had just said 'and look at this to prove it' and had stretched out to show he'd got a steaming great hard on.'
'Still have' I said and stretched again to show it in all its glory! 'And me' said cubicle 8, also stretching to show his solid pride and joy.
'I've got to see these two' said the Rail man and he stood up and quickly pulled down the window blinds.
'Let's have a flash' he said, 'see how they compare' and as we both stood up, dropped our zips and pulled our erect cocks out for display.
Rail man pulled his cock out and offered it in our direction for a feel.
I went first. It was a good one and almost equal to cubicle 8 who was now alongside me.
Rail man reached over and took us one in each hand. 'Fucking lovely' he said 'many a moon since I had a cock in both hands.
Keep an eye on the corridor' he said, and was rapidly down on his knees taking us one after another into his mouth, even trying to get both in at the same time.
This was rampant stuff and even though I'd come off only half and hour or so earlier I was ready to shoot again.
Cubicle 8 had had plenty of play but hadn't come off at all and he was also on the verge of shooting. Rail man paused only to whisper 'go on lads, let it come.'
We obliged and what shot across the floor between our legs told us that rail man had come as well. We weren't far from Cheltenham.
Rail man produced some cloth and did a quick clean up on himself and then on the floor and as the train slid to a halt at Cheltenham no one would ever have know that anything other than three passengers had quietly shared the same compartment.
Rail man left. Before he went I told him I was quite a regular on the train.
Unfortunately I didn't ever run into him again.

Cubicle 8 was going as far as Birmingham. He'd been to Bristol to watch a Rovers match.
I was going on to Derby. The hope was that no one would join us at Cheltenham. They didn't. The ticket Inspector came shortly after leaving Cheltenham. The train was to stop at Worcester and again the compartment remained empty which was a good thing because by then we were both after more and the forty or so minutes between Worcester and Birmingham was well taken up with another good wanking session, some great kissing with cocks firmly between each others tightly shut legs and some rapid pseudo shagging and another load of spunk shooting out of our cocks.

The journey beyond Birmingham was dull beyond all measure and I never saw cubicle 8 again either. Even now, many years later, that’s one of the nights that often springs up in my mind.

Good old railway carriages. Nothing could be the same today.
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Tyre Fitter - Part 3 of 3.

Having moved home I rarely passed the particular depot where Steve the tyre fitter works and I had not seen him on my travels. One day recently however, due to a traffic diversion I had to go through the estate where he works, and was held up by some road works right outside the Depot.

Whilst I was waiting for the lights to change he appeared in the doorway so I tooted at him and put my hand up: he looked hard, then recognised me and rushed over. ‘Fucking hell man’, he said, ‘I thought you had emigrated. Where’ve you fucking been then?’ ‘Not far’ I told him, ‘just not down this way very often.’ ‘Come on in’ he said, ‘it’s quiet at the minute. I’ll get a coffee going’ ‘Cheers’ I said, and pulled onto the Depot forecourt, parked, then went inside and found him in the rest room with the kettle in full swing. ‘Ay’ he said ‘having a quiet few minutes. A couple of the lads are out on breakdowns, Chris there is doing an exhaust and the boss is having a day off so we might manage ten minutes without an interruption’

The rest room was very conveniently at the end of a corridor.
He shut the door leading out to the Workshop. ‘Give us a bit of warning if anyone comes in’ he said on return, giving another of those cheeky winks of his.
‘Let’s see if it’s grown then’ he said, slipping his hand inside my zip and sliding my now very solid tool out into his hand. ‘Just how I remember it’ he said and then he was on his knees and taking my full shaft down his throat. As previously the sensation was brilliant, if not better. ‘You’ve had some practice mate’ I said, but getting a bit near completion I lifted him gently off. ‘Savour the moment’ I said, and went down to give him a few seconds of pleasure.
I could tell he was about to explode as I was I so I came up. Without anything being said he moved out into the corridor and turned into the toilets (where we had first met on that day I had called to have a puncture repaired many months previously). I followed. He put his one arm round me, his other hand began wanking firmly at my rampant prick and his tongue pushed in through my lips to complete the connection. I took hold of his prick and a few seconds later we parted rapidly and shot our loads one each into the two stand-up troughs.
After a quick tidy up we returned to the rest room and set about the waiting cup of coffee.

‘Do you ever see the mate who came out to my ‘local’ with you a few months back?’ I asked.
‘You mean ‘Andy?’ he asked ‘tipper driver for XXXXXX!’
‘That’s him’ I said, ‘didn’t know his name.’
‘Yes’ he said ‘but not all that often now because. he’s changed his job and doing long-distance and continental work and sometimes away for days at a time, but, by fuck, does he have some stories to tell.
Hang on a minute’ he said ‘let’s find out where he’s hanging about today.’
He took his mobile out of his pocket, looked up a number and dialled it but got no reply.
‘Must be away from his truck’ he said and we carried on with the coffee and catching up on the usual, what, when, where and who with stuff.

We had just finished and I was getting ready to go when Steve’s mobile rang. He picked it up, looked at the screen and his face lit up. ‘Andy’ he mouthed as he answered the call.
They had a short conversation during which Steve told him I was there and he sent the message ‘time we three had another night out together’ which I didn’t dispute.
There were a few laughs, and things like ‘lucky bastard’ and ‘why not’ and ‘you don’t think we’ve just been sat here doing nothing do you?’ were banded about.
Andy, it seems, was parked up in a rest area on a Belgium motorway and at the time we had rung he was in the process of being sucked off by a local van driver and had ignored his mobile. Steve’s answer about ‘sat doing nothing’ had been in response to Andy’s question about whether we had had it off or not.
So another brief but satisfying encounter with my tyre fitter friend and a repeat night out with him and Andy on the cards.
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Tyre Fitter Part 2 of 3

After a house move I explored a couple of Local Pubs.
One became a favourite because it was near an Industrial Estate and often became busy in late Evening when shifts changed and was much used by Truckers parked on the Estate overnight giving, if nothing else, some good viewing.

One hot summer’s evening I headed off for a pint or two. The place was heaving.
I got my pint and into conversation with one of the regulars. There was some inter-pub darts and dominoes competition taking place. No complaints: plenty of viewing.

After about 15 minutes one of the bar staff tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘a gentleman across on the other side of the bar says would you like a drink?’ I looked over to where she was indicating and got a thumbs up signal from someone who I did not recognise.
Never one to refuse a pint however, I said ‘yes please, the usual’ and gave him a thumbs up signal back in thanks. Either I had been mistaken as someone else, or, for the first time for some years I’d got an admirer - and a decent one at that!!!

I carried on watching the crowd and chatting to the Regular who eventually drank up and headed off to another pub. Shortly after he had left I went to the toilet for a piss.
Shame, but it was empty but whilst I was still peeing someone came in and stood alongside me. I gave the statutory glance in his direction.
He looked across and said ‘you haven’t recognised me have you?’
I looked closely. It was the mystery buyer. ‘
Thanks for the pint’ I said, ‘but sorry, no, I can’t put a name to your face.
‘******tyres? Pit lay-by?’ he said
‘Fucking hell man’ I said ‘you scrub up well - but just how I imagined you under those overalls though’

‘So where have you been of late’? he asked ‘I’ve not seen you about. Have you still got my mobile number?’
I told him about the home move so hadn’t been about and still had his mobile numbe on my phone but I hadn‘t liked to ring. ‘Anyway’ I asked ‘what are you doing here?’

It turns out he was a regular at one of the pubs in the competition and had come along to do a bit of supporting.
He had also brought a mate but because he was driving he was on the non-alcoholic.
‘Where’s your mate then?’ I asked. ‘He’s playing darts at present’ he said
‘Pity you’ve got company’ I said, ‘I could just do with a quiet half-hour somewhere!!
‘Might not be a problem’ he said, giving me one of those winks again.
‘Tell me more’ I said as we headed back to the bar.

He said his mate was OK. They had met on a breakdown , adding, that he used to drive a skip lorry at the time and had had a puncture on the roadside and when the job was done he told his mate he needed a piss before they did the paperwork and had stood behind his mate‘s skip lorry, got his prick out and started to have a leak, deliberately leaving it hanging.
His mate had joined him and got out an absolute beauty of a cock and made no attempt to hide it away.
One thing had led to another, they had given each other a hand job and been mates ever since.

He said when they have a couple of pints now and then they go down to the local cruising areas and get a bit of a session going - doesn’t always work though because when two of us turn up together it scares a few off - we get mistaken for the law so one of us gets out and walks up the road and we meet up later in the wood.

‘Who’s he work for now then?’ I asked. He told me.
I was about to say I might know him when he arrived at the bar.
I recognised him immediately.
‘How you doing then? he said to me and then looking at his Tyre Fitter mate said ‘you two know each other then?’
‘Not so bad’ I answered, and added ‘we’ve met’ nodding at Tyreman.
‘Won’t ask where’ he said, giving a knowing wink.
’Believe it or not we met in the Depot’ said Tyreman, ‘but we’ve seen each other out and about since.
So you two know each other as well then ?’ said Tyreman..
‘We’ve met as well’ said Tipper ‘small world!’

I asked if they fancied a drink and then went and got a round in.
When I got back they had obviously exchanged a few details and filled each other in about where they had met me.
We had our drink and some general chat, breaking off occasionally to comment on what passed by. When we finished our drinks the two lads said they didn’t want any more and I had had enough so we stood up and made to leave.

‘How are you travelling?’ asked Tyreman. ‘Walking’ I said. ‘Which direction?’ he asked
I told him. ‘We’ll give you a lift’ he said, ‘its on our way.’
‘Cheers’ I said, ‘hang on while I have a piss and I’ll be with you.’
‘We’ll join you said Tipper’ and they followed me into the Gents which was empty.
We stood there pissing away and all eyeing each others prick up and down.
When we had finished Tyreman grabbed Tippers tool and said to me ‘not a bad weapon is it’ ‘Beauty isn’t it’ I replied, looks as though it’s ready for some exercise’
‘Piss off’ said Tipper, ‘perhaps later!’ and with a laugh we walked out to their car.

I sat in the back and off we set. ‘Where are you two heading then’ I asked.
‘Straight home tonight’ said Tipper, ‘early start tomorrow, might have half an hour at home with Tyreman on the way.’
‘Can’t fault you’ I said. By now we were nearing the end of my road and I told them where to pull in.
As the car stopped Tyreman said ‘pity you can’t come with us.’
‘Another time’ I said, it’s a bit too far to get the motor out and I’ve had a couple of pints.’

‘Where do you go around here for a wank then?’ asked Tipper.
‘There’s a couple of useful spots if you meet up with anything’ I told him.
‘How far?’ asked Tyreman. ‘A mile or so’ I said.
‘Show us the way’ he said ‘might be useful for the future!’

I directed them to a old track, hardly ever used except of the occasional tractors during the day. It once let to a deserted airfield and directed them towards a pull-in near to a disused building.
On the journey Tipper had turned round and was searching for my zip. I helped him pull it down and in no time had my prick out and in his hand.
‘Don’t fucking start without me you bastards’ said Tyreman with a laugh, ‘or you’ll both bloody well walk home!’
As soon as we had parked up we were out of the car and up against the building.
Tipper slipped his jeans, pants and tee shirt off and Tyreman and me went down on Tippers prick, Tyreman tonguing him gently along his shaft while I played gently around his bollocks then moved round to his thighs as Tyreman took Tipper’s tool, almost full length down his throat.

Tipper was in his element. He was moaning and groaning. I moved gently on round his thighs and started to play with his ass.
As Tyreman got a good motion going on Tipper’s prick I slipped my tongue into his hairy tight ass and increased the pressure.
After a while Tipper pulled out of Tyreman's mouth, turned round and went down on me, taking my prick full in at a gulp.
Tyreman stood up, pulled a couple of condoms out of his jeans pocket, slipped one on in seconds and gave the other to me. He then started to use his prick to play up and down Tippers ass and slowly, but surely, he slipped it right in almost up to full length and started to fuck the ass off Tipper.
It only took a couple of minutes, we were all hyped up, before Tyreman shouted ‘I’m fucking coming’ ‘So am I lads’ I said and pulled back from Tipper but just a second or so too late, and shot over his head and down his back only to see that Tyreman had whipped his prick out of Tipper, whipped the condom off and was shooting a load all over Tipper’s his ass.

Tipper was now wanking himself and within seconds shot a load which made mine and Tyreman's look like small fry.
We all stood there for a couple of minutes getting our breath back.
I gave Tyreman his spare condom back. I’ll get in first next time I thought!
Tyreman found a bog roll in the car and handed it to Tipper who tidied himself up.
We got dressed and set off towards home.

Before we left the track Tipper said he wanted another piss so we stopped.
Tyreman said he would have one as well to save pulling in on the way home and also got out - not wanting to miss anything I joined them!!
We all had a good piss and Tipper said ‘I could do with another fucking wank’ and set off pulling his prick at a fair rate of knots.
He was hard again in no time and mine started to rise as well at the sight of his knob. Tyreman joined in. We all three wanked ourselves off again before setting off back home.

At the end of the street we chatted for two or three minutes. Tipper said it was one his best half-hours for many a day.
Tyreman said he couldn’t wait for a repeat. I agreed with both!
At home in bed later I had yet another wank at the thought of that repeat.

A couple of days later I saw Tipper and his Wife in the Supermarket.
He wandered off on his own and came to find me. ‘Alright mate?’ he asked.
‘Aye’ I said ‘and you?’ ‘First class’ he said
‘Seen Tyreman since Thursday?’ he asked.
‘No’ I said.
‘We had another fucking session on the way home’ he said ‘what a fucking night.
Don’t get many like that more’s the pity.
See you’ and with a little punch on my shoulder and a wink he headed back to find the wife.
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Tyre Fitter Part 1 of 3

Following a puncture I went to a local Tyre Depot to have it repaired.
They were busy and I had to wait quite a while. One of the Fitters kept apologising for the wait but eventually came to do the job for me. He was just the Lad you hope to meet when cruising but never do - early twenties, No.1 haircut, a figure that did him proud and, even though he was wearing overalls you felt you knew that what was underneath would be well worth seeing.
He was a very friendly, chatty lad, the sort whose eyes spoke and whose smile said volumes. We chatted about this and that and the job took a bit longer because the puncture had been caused by a piece of metal cutting into the tyre wall and I had to have a new tyre.
Having had a few cups of tea earlier and having had to wait for the job to be done I was getting a bit desperate for a leak and when he had finished and I had paid I asked him if they had a toilet I could use. ‘Sure’ he said ‘I’m ready for a slash myself, I’ll show you the way’ and he led me off towards the back of the Depot to the toilets.
There were two stand-ups and we stood one at each. We kept chatting and I noticed he kept looking down at my cock so I had a look down at his. He saw my glance and took his hand off his cock and left it hanging. I did the same. We both finished and went about the job of shaking off the spots. I was aware that he was still making a few glances at my cock and it began to get hard. Looking across I could see the same happening to him and when I looked up at his face he gave a cheeky wink and said, nodding at my cock, ‘fair bit of mileage left on there!’ ‘The tread’s not bad on yours either’ I replied and we both had a laugh.
As we were washing our hands he said he had seen me parked at the local cruising spot from time to time but had never spoken to me. I couldn’t remember seeing him before but he said he never called with the works van, only in the evenings or weekends when he was scrubbed up and tidy and I might not have recognised him.
‘I’ll keep a look out for you’ he said as we left the toilets and he went back to work.

I don’t do much cruising these days: being older has its drawbacks and whenever I do venture to the local cruising ground it seems to be populated with elves, nymphs and leprechauns all rushing around looking for a toadstool and far from interested in the more mature.
For all that, one day I called in one of the Sherwood Forest ‘hotspots’ around lunchtime.
In the past it had been busy around midday with local workers driving out there for a break, but on this particular day it was quiet. A parcel delivery lorry and a couple of cars with ‘suits’ on board. I parked and walked off into the woods but didn’t see a soul. I sat on a tree stump for ten minutes or more watching a couple of squirrels who were getting down to some serious cruising. Had a cynical smile at the thought of Mr Plod appearing out of the blue and taking their names and addresses!! Still no one about so I decided to call it a day. I was about to get up when I spotted a ‘suit’ coming down the path in my direction, fairly closely followed by another. They passed me and disappeared out of sight. Not my type. Leave them to it. Two minutes later however they reappeared heading back to the road. Either a mega quick session or incompatibility. The latter seem most likely. I gave it a few more minutes and then headed back toward the road myself. At the first bend in the path I saw someone in the distance in overalls and baseball cap coming towards me. As he got closer I recognised the Tyre Fitter from many months previous and when we met he greeted my like a long lost mate. ‘Thought it was your motor’ he said. ‘decided I’d break the habit of a lifetime and pull in with the works van’
As he had got closer I had noticed that he was being followed by one of the ‘suits’ who had passed me earlier. ‘Looks as if you’ve got an admirer’ I said nodding behind him. He looked around. ‘Thought he gave me the once over’ he said ‘not my cup of tea.’
We stood talking till ‘suit’ had gone past and saw that a bit further on he stopped and was obviously waiting to see what was going to happen. ‘Only got a few minutes’ Tyreman told me. ‘Where’s quiet?’ ‘Follow me’ I said and headed off the path into the wood and a clump of rhododendron bushes which give brilliant cover at any time.
‘Good spot’ he said ‘I’ll have to remember this one’ he said, slipping his overalls off his shoulders down to his waist, undoing his belt and zip and pulling out a solid ready-to-go cock. ‘For fuck sake mate’ I said, ‘where did a little lad like you get a big prick like that?’ ‘Birthday present’ he said, giving one of his wicked smiles, adding, ‘looks as if yours came from the same factory.’
I had not seen his solid at the Depot, only semi, and he was now sprouting a good thick eight-inch job. We were soon giving each other some top rate hands-on treatment. I looked for that cheeky expression of his again: there it was, the cheeky wink and then the lips came closer, parted and our tongues were exploring each others mouths as if there was no tomorrow. After several minutes he broke away, for breath I thought, but no! he went down on his knees and in one gulp, took the whole length of my prick into his mouth and down his throat and began to give one of the best BJ’s ever.
Within no time I let him know I was near to coming off. He stopped just long enough to say ‘let it go mate’ and was back sucking for Britain!
I let it go. What a sensation! Eventually he stood, still solid himself.
‘Finish it off for me mate’ he said, and with a few pumps on his straining knob he was shooting his load yards out into the undergrowth. He shook the last few spots off and turning towards me took me in a tight hug, cheek by cheek and said, ‘I’ve been fucking waiting for something like that since your were in the Depot’. ‘Same here’ I said ‘Let’s hope it won’t be so long next time.’
‘We’ll sort that’ he said ‘I’ll give you my details.
When we got back to the road it was deserted again, just him, me and parcel delivery van whose driver appeared to be fast asleep. We swapped a few details - Pubs we use, places we visited and mobile numbers. Also found out he lives at home and often has the place to himself as Mum and Dad are away a lot so there may be some more to follow! All-in-all worth the trip out.
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Day out with a difference

Why is it that some of the best opportunities arise when you can’t take advantage - usually because not travelling alone.. Might be worth having a thread on the Cruisinground titled ‘THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY’ where we can bury our sorrows.

It’s not always a disaster though as I found out one day last Autumn, after I offered to take my Elderly Neighbours for a day out around the coast. The day turned out to be warm, calm and cloudless. The morning took us through by-roads where we found a Country Inn that did us proud with a pub lunch - pity about the absence of a pint, but I was driving. In the early afternoon we came to a small bay where we were able to park with full view of the sea and surrounding scenery. There were no shops, or cafes and very few people about. The only signs of life came from a collection of Holiday Homes nearby, which, with the summer visitors long gone, was in the process of being extended. My passengers said they fancied a walk along the coastline so they set off. I stood and watched the work taking place on the Holiday Park. There were excavators in use, pipelines and sewerage work was clearly underway and a dozen of so men at work, all seemingly strict followers of health and safety regulations wearing their hard hats, hi-viz vests and safety boots - better viewing than any incoming tide. A little further down the road was some low brick buildings around which their vans were parked.
As I watched a van pulled up alongside one of the excavators which had been stationary. Its operator appeared from somewhere and went to the van driver. A short discussion followed and the van driver produced a tool box and began what looked like a repair. I decided I would walk a bit further down the road myself for a closer look at things. As I did, the man I had taken as the machine operator left the mechanic and came out of the site, onto the road, and went into a building ahead of me. When I got there I was surprised to find that the building was actually public toilets. Immediate investigation was called for. The machine operator was washing his hands. I put him down as early twenties, wearing all the safety gear like his mates, about five-ten high and small build, with an ass that almost shouted to be screwed as it stuck out from his tight fitting work jeans. He nodded as I walked past to the stand-ups. Unfortunately as I stood peeing he was out of my sight. I heard the hot air dryer start, when it stopped it started again. He’s taking his time I thought. I stayed where I was, getting a fair hard on thinking … if only.
I heard footsteps and thought that’s it then, he’s off. I was wrong, he appeared through the gap, came into the stand-ups, and in the process of unzipping made some remark about scrubbing up before he had a piss because his misses was always complaining about the grease and dirt on his underwear, by which time he had his prick out in full view, and was enjoying a good slash. He wasn’t hiding anything so I jokingly commented that with a prick like that on tap she hadn’t go much to complain about - many a wife would give and arm and a leg for a bloke with a tool like that. He was clearly proud of his weapon and cupped it in his hand to show it off. ‘Don’t you believe it’ he said, ‘she reckons its too big: she’ll let me screw her but she won’t even consider giving it a suck’ ‘Bloody hell, man’ I said, ‘that is a handicap, nothing like a good suck-off’ ‘There’s ways around it’ he said. By now I was having trouble in hiding the fact that my prick was solid and more than my hand would cover and I could see that he was looking straight down at it. ‘Looks as if you might have the same trouble’ he said with a wink. ‘Like you’ I answered, ‘I find ways around it’ and looking now directly at his cock it was rising fast and he was gently pumping it up and down in a slow wank. I said nothing and followed suit. Straight away he moved over and took my prick in his hand. ‘Nice one’ he said and before I had time to answer he was on his knees, with his hand still around my cock, pulling it towards his open mouth with his tongue darting in, and out and around my knob end and then surely and swiftly taking the whole shaft down his throat. I was in another world. This lad had some experience: this wasn’t the first cock he had sucked. After a while I touched him on the shoulder and motioned for him change over. As he came up I went gently down on him and returned the compliment. After a short while he motioned for me to come up but he didn’t go back down, instead he cocked his ear towards the steps outside which came down off the road. He explained that he often had a session with the Fitter who had just come onto the site to repair a JCB and he had given him the nod that he would be over in the toilets. He knew the Fitter wouldn’t have come over immediately but as ten minutes or so had passed he might arrive any time. I asked him what the Fitter liked and he said ‘he likes taking this’ cupping his prick in his hand again and showing me a condom he had ready in his pocket.
I asked him if I should disappear when the Fitter arrived. ‘No’ he won’t mind as long as I let him know you’re OK’ he said. We carried on giving each other a wank and a suck and eventually heard someone coming down the steps so we stopped and went and stood talking by the washbasins. It wasn’t the Fitter but an oldish man who went to the stand-ups and had a piss. He wasn’t long and as he left in walked the Fitter we had been waiting for. He spoke to us and went passed to the stand-ups. The lad I had been with put his hand inside my zip, pulled my cock out, which was quickly solid again, and nodded for me to follow him into the stand-up. ‘How would you like this then Al?’ he asked the Fitter showing my cock off to him. ‘Fucking hell Rob’ he replied ‘I thought you had a tool, but looks like you’ve found a match!’
He finished his piss, came over, and took us one in each hand. ‘What more could a bloke want?’ he asked.
His own prick was no tiddler and it was now as solid as ours. Rob was playing with his quite hairy ass and gently pulling his jeans down. Al was helping. In no time Rob had slide the condom over his shaft and was teasing Al’s ass with his cock end. Al didn’t need any encouraging, he bent down to let Rob in and at the same time he took my prick into his mouth. We were all hyped up and the end came pretty soon. I could see Al tensing, his strokes becoming stronger. We caught each others eye and he flicked his tongue at me. I did the same back and leaned across. Our tongues met across Al’s back and entered each others mouth in one of the strongest kisses I can remember and like that he shot his load into Al’s ass and mine went into his mouth. From underneath came Al’s familiar phrase ‘Fucking hell’ and looking down he had shot his load across the floor. We gathered ourselves up, had a bit of a wash and clean up where Al had shot his load and walked out together chatting.
There was no-one about, even my passengers were not back from their walk. At the top of the steps we kept the conversation going. There was another mate who came to the site with materials from time to time in a small lorry who was OK as well. He’d already been that day and had sucked Rob off then.
Rob was likely to have another session on the way home because he passed a good cruising spot and was usually lucky. Al said he had just come that way and there were one or two about but he had not stopped.

All good things have to end however and they had to get back to work. I was still feeling so randy I went back into the toilet and had another wank. As I was washing my hands to come out another of the site workers came in and went for a piss. Before I had dried my hands he had rinsed his and gone out.
If only he know what he had missed!

By comparison the rest of the day was pretty dull. My passengers came back from their walk and we headed slowly, but very satisfyingly back home.

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