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Username: Tonyswma

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Posted on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - 11:56 am:   

Another short and sweet encounter worth mentioning.

A chat online with a bloke local to me. He loved pics of my cock but really wanted to see my arsehole as well. Told him I was not into anal, but he said that was fine, it was just rimming that he loved. I enjoy a good tongue fucking as well so arranged to meet him at him house.

He was a little younger than I prefer, prob mid 40's but friendly and chatty, which i like. we went into the lounge where a porn DVD was playing. Soon we were kissing and he stripped me off. He only had a t shirt and jogging bottoms on and once i was stripped he quickly removed these. he had a decent body, pierced nipples and a decent size cock as far as I could tell, given that he was not hard.

I sat on the sofa and he knelt between my legs. we carried on kissing as his hands roamed over my body before finding their way to my hard cock. I also caressed him, and was surprised to find he was still not fully hard. Obviously turned on but not there.

he kissed down my body, sliding onto the floor on his knees and began sucking my prick. He really was very good, taking his time then suddenly speeding up, pulling out to lick my balls and shaft before sinking my whole length down his throat.

I was loving this but soon as he licked my balls once more his tongue continued to quest further down. In response I lifted my legs and hooked my hands behind my knees to give him a perfect view of my arsehole. He groaned in pleasure and with light delicate licks, tasted and cleansed my hole and crack. All the time he was groaning and gasping, telling me how good I tasted and felt.

soon his tongue was pushing at my mancunt and after some effort he opened me up enough to push the tip in. As he pushed further and my hole became wetter with saliva he tongue became more rhythmic, until he really was fucking me.

The feeling was intense and i really wanted to wank my cock, but could not let go of my legs without pushing him away. We continued in this way for several minutes before he withdrew. Before I had chance to be disappointed me pulled me over onto my stomach and spread me, on legs pointing to the floor and the other hooked over th arm of the sofa.

As soon as i was in the position he wanted he went back to my arsehole. If I was enjoying his tongue previously it was now ever better, deeper and harder. he had his hands on my arse pulling it wide and with the thrusts of his face against my backside my cock was being rubbed against the leather of the sofa, making the experience even more intense.

we continued like this for quite a while, him varying his technique in many ways, sometimes with fingers, sometimes licking or biting. I was so turned on and so opened up that I had already decided, if he asked if he could fuck me, I would say yes. However, his tonguing become even more urgent and his grunts more forceful before me let out a final groan and pushed his tongue hard into me.

We stayed like this for a minute, before he withdrew his tongue and pushing me onto my side. I could see his face wet with his slaiva as he grabbed hold of my cock and began to suck it. there was no finesse as he rammed him mouth down on me, and i was glad of it as i was well overdue for cumming.

I only lasted a minute before I shot my load into his mouth, which he kept clamped in place until he had drunk every drop.

When he eventually released me he fall back on the floor and we both agreed how amazing it had been. I also noticed cum on the carpet and dripping off his cock, so assume he had either been wanking as he rimmed me or had shot without touching himself.

after a shower i dressed and we swapped email addresses. by the time I got home I already had an email from him telling me in very graphic detail how much he enjoyed our little session and asking when we can repeat it. Hes often at home during the day and his partner works so I don't think it will be long until I'm speared on his tongue once more: cant wait!!

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