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Paul James
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Posted on Sunday, September 08, 2019 - 12:05 am:   

I told a story a while ago and this is a continuation
I had met this bus conductor while I was coming home from meeting and messing about with my pals and girls in a village a few miles away. I went every Friday and always come home frustrated from trying to get into their knickers of which I was never successful and always went to the bus with a seven inch hard on and the rest is in my last story,
So It's a hot summers evening wearing a tee shirt and shorts I got on the bus as usual and who was on it but my friend the conductor, now I must say that since the first time we met and had lovely first time gay sex session that we had lots of sucking both ways and he let me do his bum as he called it, it was heaven to me, I had only seen him once since then and he was with his wife so he smiled and gave me a wink of his eye, He was a broad and bald headed with quite a big nose but I was being loved for the first time so I didn't give a hoot, I got on the bus not a lot of people on it so he pointed to the upstairs and I went no one there so I sat at the back just behind the stairs we went into the countryside where there were no stops for a few miles when I heard him coming up, my heart fluttered when I saw him, not a good looking man but he gave me a solid hard on with the thoughts of what I hoped was to come, now in those days I didn't ware underpants just shorts and it was a warm day anyway, he just put his hand straight up the leg of my shorts and grabbed hold of my throbbing cock pushed me down on the seat and started kissing me hard, then went down and stated sucking my cock like he hadn't done it for ages, I just lay back and loved every hot stroke, I could have cum but he must have sensed it and stopped, where we lived out in the country we were quite nieve and out of touch really but knew this was good and told him so and I didn't care that he was thirty years older than me it felt good, stay on the bus Paul for our return trip when I clock off we can go somewhere out of sight and have a real good loving session my wife is away for a few days and my house is empty, They turned round at the big town and started their journey back I just couldn't wait thinking what's going to happen tonight alone in bed with another man, he must want to cock me like he dose his wife, I couldn't wait, my hot cock was throbbing when we come to the end of the journey as I waited to get in his car after he clocked off, then he arrived and I jumped in the front seat, nothing was said on our way to his house and it was only about two miles from ours, Inside he left me with a drink of something, tasted nice and I drunk it while he went for a shower, a few seconds latter Jim as I know him now shouted to come upstairs and join him I gladly got in with him his cock stuck out hard as nails all shiny with the soapy water and a lovely pink knob it was the same size as mine but a bit thicker, my heart was racing and we started kissing a lot then Jim pushed me down to get it in my mouth it was so hard and hot so I sucked on it for a while he pulled away before he cum, we both dried off and he led me to the bedroom and lifted me lovingly onto the nice crisp sheets of the bed we kissed passionately for what seemed like ages then he put me on my back and played and nipped my small tit ends before taking nearly all my cock in his warm mouth nice slow movements up and down it was heaven for me his mouth juices were running down my tight balls and I could feel them running onto my bum hole I could hardly control myself, Jim lifted my legs high in the air onto his shoulders and I felt his burning hot cock rubbing on my hole it felt lovely he said just relax it might hurt a bit but i'll be gentle my love, with some shiny stuff on his cock he prodded until I felt his knob enter me, It did hurt a bit but nice hurt, he pushed a bit more and started to move in and out, god you are tight Paul I hope I am the first to do this to you in your hot pussy I told him its the only time I've ever been with any one only you in your car, this must have exited him cause he slammed his cock in me I could feel his big balls hitting my bum, after a good few more solid heavenly strokes he tightened up he moaned said how much he loved me and shot hot spurts of cum up my bum, when we relaxed we kissed for a while Jim went down took my hot cock in his mouth and did the deed for me and let me cum in his mouth, lovely my first time and to cum like that it was good, I had to shower again to wash all the cum on and around my sore bum and legs, We sat on the couch for a while had another drink of that nice stuff and talked excitedly about what we had done, Jim said his wife was away again next month for a week with work lets have some more then when he will have a surprise in store for me couldn't wait I was being loved for the first time, we got dressed and Jim dropped me near my house kissed me and tonged my mouth but couldn't resist putting his hand on my cock for one last feel, what happened next time we met next story.

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