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Username: Maturebobby

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Posted on Tuesday, January 07, 2014 - 02:23 pm:   

I was a teenager who had been wanking for about 5 years almost every day. One day in the city where I was brought up, I had an urgent need to go to a public toilet. On entering a cubicle I sat down and started reading the messages on the walls. This got me excited and my cock got hard and I could not stop myself from wanking. I wanked as I read and the next thing I knew was a cock appearing through a hole in the partition. I had not noticed the hole being so engrossed in reading. I was absolutely stunned by this as I had never before seen anything like this. I just didn't know what to do. So I just sat looking at the cock and then felt some fear. What is going on. I thought the best thing to do is get out of here fast, which I did.

That night in bed my thoughts were on what had happened and I began to work out in my mind that whoever was on the other side had put their cock through for me to wank. When I reached that conclusion my cock got real hard in bed and my thoughts got ever so horny that I wanked thinking of wanking someone else.

Next day I could not get it out of my mind and decided to go back that night to the toilets. Again I entered a cubicle and must admit I was shaking with anticipation. Would it happen again?
I started playing with my cock and this time a finger came through the hole. It motioned me to put my cock through. By now I was beyond caring, my cock was dictating my thoughts and I really wanted to feel another guy's hand on my cock. So I stood up and pressed myself against the partition with my cock through the hole. First time and god was I excited. I felt fingers running up and down my cock , then I was being wanked by whoever was next door. After a few minutes this stopped and next I felt something flicking the end of my cock. It took a few minutes for it to register, but as soon as I felt a lovely wet warm feeling come over the head of my cock, I realised. I was in the fucking guys mouth. My god this was pure sexual heaven. The feelings that poured through my young body were incredible. I started to push my cock in and out and before very long I was shooting my cum into this strangers mouth. As soon as I came, fear came over me and I got out as quick as I could. My legs were weak and I was physically shaking as I made my way home.

That night it was another perfect night of wanking. I couldn't get the memory of what happened out of my mind and it gave me the most wonderful cum I think I had ever had in my wanking experience. My god I was hooked on this toilet sex. I just had to get back and enjoy more of this wonderful experience. Over the next coming months I was found in those toilets enjoying getting sucked off by strangers and cumming in their mouths.

One night I went and to my horror there was a group of older men standing waiting for a cubicle. I joined them. I was standing between two men whom I reckoned to be in their 50's or 60's. As I stood waiting one of the men brushed his hand against my backside. I thought it was accidental and stood on. Next I felt his hand rub over my bum. He didn't stop this time and the feeling began to make my cock stir. I was excited yet frightened in case any of the others saw me being groped. he must have seen my cock's reaction because he moved his hand round and started rubbing my now rampant cock through my trousers. This went straight to my head. It reeled with sexual excitement and I remember to this day thinking, I love this and I don't care anymore who sees me. I was by now delirious with desire to get my cock out and have it sucked off. The man on the other side of me noticed what was going on and put his hand down inside my trousers and fondled my ass. The first man did the same at the front and he put his hand down inside groping my cock. The first man then whispered in my ear would I like to go to a safe place. I was so far gone that I said yes. On reflection that was a hell of a risk I took, but I was so far gone with excitement I could not have cared less. We went out to his car and he took me to a very small public toilet in the grounds of a hospital. There were justtwo urinals and two cubicles. It was in behind bushes so was pretty safe for sexual activity. We went into a cubicle together and he helped me drop my trousers and pants around my ankles. He did the same and he bent down and took my cock in his mouth. After a few minutes he asked if I would like to fuck him. I never ever expected this. Never heard of it before. Knew about fucking women, but a man fucking a man. No!
He said he wanted to teach me the most wonderful sexual experience I would immensely enjoy. He brought a tube of something out and put the content around his ass-hole. Then he rubbed some on my cock. It was ajelly like substance. Then he bent over, felt behind for my cock with his hand and guided it to his ass-hole. He said to psh very slowly at first until it was in him. I was shaking with excitement and I slowly pushed. I will never forget the feeling in my cock as the head entered into his hole. My god that was some thrilling moment. It was tight yet slippery and the thrill shooting up my cock was immense. He then told me to push right in slowly and begin to fuck. I couldn't believe what was happening. Here is me, a teenager, fucking an old man of 50 or 60 in a toilet cubicle and it is fucking wonderful. I shot my load up his arse within about two minutes. I was exhausted. The experience and excitement just drained me. When I withdrew he kept wanking himself and I remember him cumming while cursing and swearing. I never saw that man again. But he had just introduced me to a pleasure to which I immediately became addicted. Before parting he said to me, "Now you have started you will not be able to stop". Those were very true words. I just couldn't stop, I needed more and more and would do anything to get it.
But these are more stories of my experiences and every one has thrilled me into sexual ecstacy.

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