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Username: Mmmmcock

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Posted on Friday, January 03, 2014 - 10:11 pm:   

I always like reading first time stories and late developer just got me hot.
Mine started a bit weird as i suppose a lot did. As a kid we used to live near a public toilets that was a renowned local 'cottage' - (don't worry this isn't going all underage). So as early teens lads one of our favourite sports was to go queer baiting (I know, i know), climbing on top of the toilets and shouting or throwing things at the poor guys below. One day while we were hanging around near there this regular guy (known to us as purple jacket)came over and said he wasn't pissed off with us but we shouldn't hang around there as some of the guys might not be very nice and it could be dangerous. Obviously we responded with a volley of abuse and he cleared off.
Fast forward four or five years and I'm about 18 with a girlfriend and everything going fine. Thing is, especially if i've had a drink, I think about guys and get really hot about it. I don't feel guilty but figure it would be inconvenient to out myself so i don't even think about it. Still, every Tuesday me and the lads go to the pub where it's happy hour tuesday and have a skinful. On my way home, sometimes, i go into the local toilets (not those, they've been knocked down) to have a pee, and in my mind I sort of think 'well if anything happens, so be it'
Obviously you are well ahead of me and one night as i go in there who should be around but purple jacket himself. I didn't clock who he was at first but i was full of beer and dying for a pee so i had one. I'd just stubbed out a fag as i walked in and when i finished he asked me for a light. i gave him a light and he started to give me some obvious chat up. I said 'you don't remember me do you?' then i said i was one of the kids he'd spoken to at the toilets. He laughed and said something about it not having worked.
Long story a bit shorter and a few minutes later we are at the bowling green hut in the park. I'm sat on the bench and he's stood in front of me. I had not got a fucking clue what to do but I unzipped his jeans and his cock was ready to tumble straight out. Just typing this I can remember the feeling. I was scared of getting caught, I was scared of doing it wrong and looking like an idiot, but I was incredibly excited. His cock felt massive to me and he was really hairy compared to my own eighteen year old experience (ever since then i've been big on hairy guys). I started to give him a hand job and then thought I'd show him i wasn't an amateur by sucking him off. I started to lick his cock to sort of size up how to begin. Something that has always stayed with me was the aroma. He wasn't dirty or unwashed or anything but that odour of a little bit of sweat, little bit of cum, just general musky cock and balls man-smell is something that gets me hard to this day. I suppose if you didn't know what i mean you wouldn't be reading this. I started to suck his dick and he rolled his jeans down so i could get at it better. After a while he sat down beside me and sort of pulled me onto his lap and started to kiss me. I hadn't even thought about that happening and finding myself being held by a big, strong older guy who was slowly sliding his lips over mine and probing me deliberately with his tongue left me battling for whether i was weirded out or dying of lust. Lust won pants down.
I told him i wanted him to come in my mouth and he laughed. i went down on my knees in front of him to taste that lovely cock again. He told me when he was going to come and i stayed down there and took the first taste of my new favourite drink.
That was it really. He asked me if i wanted to go home with him and finish it off. I'm afraid i bottled it. God knows what i was thinking; 'I don't want him to think i'm a bit gay or something. It might put him off'.
However, i did say to him that i passed there most Tuesdays. I met him a few more times and did eventually go back to his place and we did indeed finish it off.
I got serious with the girlfriend after that and didn't do anything else with men. Years on i just finished a serious relationship and found my fingers clicking more and more often on the gay porn. There's a lot of stuff that i like but it still seems to be older guys with at least a bit of a hairy body and a nice cock that i eventually click on to jerk off over. I often think of that first time fumbling in the dark with a big hard cock swelling in my mouth, the hair brushing on my nose and the taste and the man smell of cock and cum.

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