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Username: Tonyswma

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Posted on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 03:57 pm:   

Teacher Tales Part 5

We all had a drink and a rest, watching a couple more short films, me sitting between teacher and Mal, with Mark on the floor in front of me, with all of them interested in how much I had enjoyed it, and eager to tell me how good I had been. As we chatted, these naked menís skin touching mine, occasional stokes of my thigh, shoulder or cheek I began to feel stirrings and they noticed that my limp cock was now semi.

Mal smiled and told Mark that he was best placed to get it harder. Mark started to kiss my thighs, letting his tongue and teeth do their work as his hands pushed my thighs wider open. My cock hardened quickly so that, by the time he had the shaft in his hand I was rigid once more, and he took me in. Mal moved and knelt beside us as began to take pics, leaning in close to get my cock wet with marks saliva and red from the punishment I had taken so far that evening. Teacher stood on the settee beside me and I was surprised to see that he was already hard, and he proceeded to push his cock into my mouth. Mal stepped back and took a couple more pics before putting the camera on a tripod.

He had a cable and he kept this in hand as he came and stood beside me, twisting my head round to take some more of his rough mouth fucking. Mark meanwhile had parted my legs and pushed me back to expose my arsehole, which he licked and tongued with relish. Soon he pushed a finger into me, then two. I am very tight and I gasped in pain, but he kept it there and although it was uncomfortable, I knew from my experience with teacher that I was expected to take it, so carried on with my sucking.

Soon though all three of them moved away and I was pulled into a position with me kneeling on the sofa, my arms and head over the back, my arse pointing out towards the room and my three men. My knees were pulled apart and my buttocks pulled wide open before a tongue licked me more and then thicker fingers pushed into my hole. I bellowed with pain and tried to pull away, but Mark appeared in front of me and pulled on my arms to hold me in place. The fingers were now pushing in and out, fingering me as I whimpered, but a hand was also reaching under me to masturbate my throbbing cock. I was in a semi delirious state as the pain of the arse fingering mingled with the horniness of being used by these much older men and the wanking of my cock.

Suddenly the fingers were pulled out and the pressure increased. I guessed what it was and bellowed but was pinned down as my arse was stretched wide and a cock inserted for the first ever time. The pain was intense and I bit down on the back of the chair as the thrusts started, small movements at first but soon thrusting hard into me. I was gasping and moaning as I was being fucked, when my eyes occasionally opened I saw Mark looking at me intently, telling me how good I was, how well I was doing. Soon the thrusts turned into a squeeze and I felt myself being filled as I heard Mals groans and grunts. He continued for a few seconds more before suddenly pulling his cock out. The shock of this was so intense it made me shout out and my body crumpled.

Before I could do anything though hands pulled me back to kneeling position and I felt another cock push against my hole. I was wide open now but teacher was thicker, so the pain was still intense as he slid his dick into my hole. I was lubed up with Mals cum though so he was able to begin ramming into me straight away. I was conscious several times of the flash of the camera, and guessed that Mal was taking souvenirs of my virgin arse being fucked. Teacher fucked me like this for a few minutes before he too came, keeping his cock buried in me until he was spent. Then Mal came and took over from Mark. Instead of pulling my arms he just put his hand on the back of my neck and shoulders and pinned me down, leaving me helpless as Mark pushed his cock into my gaping, cum dripping hole. Mals dick was pressed against my face, wet and sticky, and as I grimaced and groaned he pushed it into my mouth and told me to suck it clean, which I did as best I could given what my arse was being subjected to. Mark fucked me the longest, getting his cock deeper into me so that his hips were hitting my arse cheeks before he to blew his load into me.

After he withdrew Mall let me go, but I was too drained and weak to move as he went behind me to take more pictures. Only once I was able to get some strength back did I manage to walk to the bathroom and clean myself up.

When I returned we all dressed and I left with Teacher. Mal and Mark kissed me passionately at the door and asked me to come back again soon, and I walked back with teacher to his car. He offered to take me home but I said I wanted to stay over, so we went back to his house, where I was able to shower and crawl into his bed. My shoulders and arms were sore from being held down so hard, but as nothing to my arse hole, which was burning as I curled up and tried to get to sleep.

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