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Username: Tonyswma

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Posted on Sunday, September 01, 2013 - 10:03 pm:   

Teacher Tales Continued
After that first night Teacher and I exchanged glances in class for the next few days, and I was almost trembling with passion throughout each lesson, but timetables meant I never had the opportunity to hang back, and this was in the days before mobile phones and texting.
Ian had told me he had found it really strange and horny to be there watching, but he was worried about getting caught, so wasnít interested in risking a repeat. I however was desperate for it again and more, so planned my next opportunity.
Monday was rugby team training straight after school, and I knew teacher also did an after college music club. After practice I took my time in the showers, trying to stretch out the time soaping up and at the same time trying to keep my cock under control, as it threatened to swell alarmingly every time I thought of how I might bump into him.
Eventually I get dressed and followed the last stragglers out. As I went to the door I told the coach I had left my jumper in the changing room and had to go all the way back to fetch it. He didnít want to wait so told me to go, but make my way out of the main entrance so that he could lock up the gym area. I then made my way back into school and, with underpants in my backpack and swelling cock pressing against my tracksuit bottoms went to the corridor to the music room.
I thought I was too late and the lights were off already, but just as I was turning to go a light appeared and I saw teacher coming out of the music store, flicking the light off behind him and walking through the main doors, locking them then walk in the semi dark towards me. He was a little startled when he first saw me, but smiled as soon as he knew it was me and came up close to me. I told him I had been to rugby practice, and he commented on how nice I smelt, so clean and fresh, and leaned in to sniff my neck. As I tilted my head he kissed my lightly and I groaned in pleasure, reaching for my rock hard cock as the kisses on my neck became kisses on my mouth, then his tongue in mine.
He had my face in both hands and was kissing me very hard, out lips mashed together as I pulled my trackies down and my wet cock sprang out. He broke off and looked down at my prick, and without a word grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the music block, locking the door after us, pushing me back onto the table and grabbing my cock as he began to kiss me again with even more passion. His hand wanked me, almost making me want to cum there and then, but then he pulled away and pushed me into the music store.
Closing the door he told me to strip, and in a moment my clothes were thrown on the floor and his hands were all over me, touching my nipples, feeling my bum, and running up my inner thighs, before kneeling down and taking my cock in his mouth. It was even more intense than the first time, and I was unable to keep quiet as he sucked me, using his lips and tongue on my shaft, helmet and balls, bringing me to the edge several times. As he sucked me he must have undone his belt as I saw his other hand near his groin. I wanted to see more so asked him to show me, and he released my cock to stand up, and reveal that hard, veined prick, wet in his hand and looking so sexy.
I lent in to kiss him and our tongued mashed together as he put both hands on my face again, but a moment later he pushed me down. I knew what he wanted and I had been thinking of little else since sitting in his car and cursing myself for not trying then. This time I was ready and as I knelt, his wet cock brushed my cheek. His groan of pleasure was encouragement enough and a second later I touched my lips to his helmet, kissing it and touching with my tongue at the same time. He pushed forward and suddenly his cock was in my mouth and his hips were making little thrusts. His cock tasted salty, musky and warm, the sensation was incredibly sexy and had I not had both hands on his hips the temptation to wank off there and then would have been impossible to avoid. As it was he was soon grunting and suddenly pulled out of my mouth, as a dollop of white cum shot out and landed on my chest. Another followed and I was mesmerised at the sight of more oozing out.
ďLick itĒ he said and pushed his cum covered cock back to my lips, where I tasted him. It was not unpleasant as I had through it would be, and after licking a little I put him back in my mouth and sucked him some more, feeling his cum on my tongue and swallowing.
Teacher pulled me up, kissed me more and wrapped his hand around my hard cock. Without another word he sunk to his knees and sucked me, pulling on my balls, the pain making my pleasure even more heightened. Soon I was cumming hard, and thrusting into his mouth as he took my load and drank greedily.
As I was spent I expected him to stand, but instead he turned me round, pushed me forward against the instrument trolley and, running his hands up my thighs parted my arse cheeks. I was not sure what was going to happen, but in a moment I felt his tongue licking me, the tip pushing against my hole. The feeling was intense and horny and without knowing it I began to push back against his face. There was a feeling of pressure, then pain as I felt stretched. I gasped but at the same time was so turned on my pushed back again, and felt whatever it was pushing further into me. After a few moments the pain subsided, and the pleasure grew as he began to push in and out, fucking me in some way.
Even though I had only cum minutes ago my cock began to stir and I started to wank furiously. Teacher must have realised this and pulled me up and turned me round still keeping whatever it was inside me. As I looked down I realised he had his index finger in me, and was pushing in and out. He batted my hand away and took my cock in his mouth again, and as his fingers fucked my virgin arse, his cock sucked me until I came a second time in 15 mins. Again he swallowed whatever I was able to produce down, and only after I had begun to soften did he let me go, sliding his finger out of my arse as he did so. As I shouted out he quieted my cry with his mouth, and we stood kissing for an age.
Eventually we dressed and walked out of the music block together. As we walked he told me he had not wanted to try anything until I had given him a single that I wanted it, as he had been approached and then rejected by Ian the day afterwards. I told him that I had thought of nothing else, and wanted as much and as often as we could. He smiled and we stopped for a further kiss, and he agreed that I was what he wanted as well, but we needed to meet more outside of college so that there was less risk, and we could take our time. Which is exactly what we did, and Iím pleased to say that he introduced me to many wonderful experiences, both the two of us together and with some of his friends, but I will write those up another time.

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