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Paul James
Unregistered guest
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Posted on Sunday, May 12, 2013 - 11:50 pm:   

Hi Rigger and all my other friends, As to continue with my story, Old Ted as I used to call him (although I suppose he would only be around 40) used to like me going to help on his farm and after seeing me Tom and my uncle fucking and sucking in his hay I now know why, I was a little bit scared at going to see him as to what happened last time but I had no need to worry I was welcomed with open arms and a good pat on my bum not only by Ted but also his wife Dolly so I think he must have told her what he had seen because she held on to me and kissed me quite passionately on meeting, very unusual, now I liked Ted a lot he was a rugged sort of chap rough and ready whereas Dolly was quite a dainty lady, come on said Ted lets get some work done the sooner we start the sooner we finish and then you can sit with us in the house for an hour or two, this was strange because I wasn't allowed any other time, we did all the jobs in record time all the time I could tell Ted was getting frisky by the way he would brush his hands lightly on my cock and bum at every opportunity, all the cows were settled down for the night all fed so that was it, I was excited at the thought of what was going to happen next, fucking hell Paul I am feeling horny feel this throbbing cock for me before we go indoors I moved close, to him longing to get my mouth round it never mind feeling it, what a nice cock it was, I would say seven inches long and quite thick, what do you think then would you like this one in your bum hole tonight Paul, it was solid and I started to wank it a little, I undid his pants and they dropped to the floor, his lovely cock stood out like a poker so I got to my knees and wrapped my mouth round it, brilliant big shinny knob end it just slid in my mouth so I took as much as I could and moved up and down the shaft slowly, steady on lad you'll make me cum I'me so horned up, just let me feel your cock before we go indoors lad, well he put his hand down my trousers we didn't wear underpants so my cock just sprung to attention as my pants dropped, his hands were so rough as he grabbed it my this is the first time I've touched another mans cock and it's hard and hot it feels good I will have to try to suck on it later, with that we went indoors, he's ready Dolly said Ted take a look at that cock it's hard as a rock, she come over to me and dropped her housecoat which left her naked, what a sight Id'e never seen a bare women before and it made me think I wonder if she will let me fuck her, Teds never sucked a mans cock so I,ve never fucked a women, Dolly took hold of my cock and played with it for a bit while Ted undressed me and himself, all three naked, me lying on my back and Dolly sucking my throbbing cock, Ted kneeling beside me so I could suck his stiff cock at the same time I was watching her smallish tits bouncing as she bobbed her head up and down, I was feeling Teds big ball sack while sucking and letting his hot cock go took to sucking on each ball in turn just as Dolly did the same with mine, when I took his hot cock in my mouth again he started to fuck me hard so I knew he was near to coming, so I stopped and pulled away almost straight away he started nipping my tits and kissing me roughly saying to Dolly who by this time was rubbing herself off suck me while he licks my arse, which she did, his arse was as rough as his hands and quite hairy but tasted ok I used lots of spit until it was running on my face this is when he said fuck my arse now, with that I got up and pressed my knob against his hairy bum hole and pushed against his virgin arse, after a few prods it slid in with ease and I fucked him slowly, Dolly was feeding him her lovely tits to suck on while asking him all the time what it felt like, dose it hurt, is he right in there, I pulled out to save spoiling it and he lay on his back and told me to enter him again which I did Dolly Kneeled over him with her pretty little bum in my face its the first time I've ever seen a womans pussy all wet and glowing I started to lick it and prod with finger, so nice and warm inside it, but she shouted at me, I can get that any time so you wet my arse, so that's what I did until Ted pulled out from under us and took hold of my throbbing cock and put it against her arse, now fuck her like you fucked me, wit that I prodded for a while I didn't think it would enter it was such a small hole but at last with a lot of moaning from Dolly it went in slowly at first but she kept shouting faster and she pushed back at me as I let go all I had went deep inside her and that is where I stayed while she sucked Ted of to completion swallowing the lot, we collapsed in a heap both kissing me all over my sweaty body, Dolly said afterward when we had all washed and dressed how since Ted had told her about me and my uncle in the hay she wanted to see Ted get fucked and most of all how she craved for anal sex but Ted always refused her, I ran back up the lane it was about a mile winding through trees and fields in the dark I was a big lad but still a bit scared, I've got more stories to tell of how as kids we used to watch the bum boys making it near our den, how I got to know my ex schoolteacher and his friends better, and lots more on the farm.

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