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Paul James
Unregistered guest
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Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 04:14 pm:   

Hi again lads, I am writing this to carry on from my last post last year as I am back in England after a few months away, this was just before I started to work as a strapping farmhand out in the countryside where we lived, so as I said before I was a very nieve teenager with a good sized cock that pulled myself off at every oppertunity allways thinking about my only other two sexual happenings in my short life, one being with two freinds called Harry and Tom, and the other being my so called uncle who I didn't tell I had been with two men before, him being a good mate of my mum and dad didn't want any combacks, Well one sunny Friday afternoon I was Digging in the orchard I saw uncle and his mate going down the lane on their bikes fishing tackle and allso I shouted but they didn't reply so I just carried on digging and thinking about last time by the river in his arms being kissed and all the other things we did and to be honest felt sad that they didn't ask me to go with them this time, I was all horned up with my thoughts and if I had anywhere out of sight would have had a good wank I was so hard, just then I heard them come back and were talking to my mum, I left my digging to go and see them trying to hide my excitment and my throbbing cock, yes take him with you "mum said" but dont be to late back and dont do anything I wouldn't, this puzled me a bit dose my mum take it in her mouth or up her arse, or dose she know they will both do that to me before long, anyway off down the lane we all went, now uncle was a thin but tall man but his mate who said his name was Tom was quite stockey with big hands and hairy arms and I thought I knew him somehow, we hadden't gone far untill we were out of sight of my house when uncle said feel the cock he's got on him Tom and with that I was pushed roughly against a field gate and in one swift move my shorts were round my ankles Tom's big hands rubbing my solid hot cock, uncle was keeping watch on the lane while Tom took me in his nice warm mouth and slowly sucked me, com'on Tom "uncle said" don't spoil it I want some of that, to that we carried on walking after I had pulled my shorts back up, Tom said to uncle what a find, what a cock and untuched tight arse, I don't think uncle must have told him about the last time, we went past the only two houses on the lane untill we arrived at old Teds farm, I used to help Ted by milking cows or cleaning eggs ready for sale, Tom and uncle must know old Ted because they stopped to talk to him, I just stood there waiting like a lamb going to slauter thinking com'on I want this as much as you two do, next thing I know Ted, Tom and uncle walk off down to the hay barn, get here lad "Ted shouted" get in the hay bales and make a hide for us all, little did they know I allready had one for wanking in while watching Teds wife collect the eggs, so I made myself cosy and uncle and Tom joined me, I was told to strip off, they both did the same god Tom was hairy, uncle was smooth as I knew from last time, I lay in the hay naked with a stiff cock, standing in front of me Tom was rubbing his thick cock from where I was it was very big, uncle was the first to take my cock in his mouth sliding his hot wet mouth part way down then licking the knob on the way up Tom was sucking at uncles ten to the dozen, Tom lay on his back and pulled me on top so he could suck mine while uncle licked and prodded my bum hole with his tounge at the same time rubbing and sucking on Toms cock I could feel his hair tickle my bum as he bobbed up and down, Tom pushed me down so that his cock was teasing my bum while kissing me roughly prodding my mouth with his tongue I felt uncle's hot breath on my bum cheeks and spit running down my crack, then Toms cock being steered to my hot waiting hole, Tom never stoped kissing me as he pushed upwards and after a few very painfull pokes the hot knob end seemed to pass my tight mussle and glide in tenderly my hole was full it felt lovley I was pushed up into a sitting position to take all his hot stiff cock uncle could then get his mouth to my stiff cock and suck it, it seemed like a long time until Tom went stiff all over and with a shout of oh'fuck shot his hot come ion the top of my bub hole it felt fantastic, I was push and lifted off and positioned over Toms shinny cum covered cock and told to lick it clean which i did and liked it while uncle pusshed his ample cock in me in one go right the top, it didn' take long for him to give an extra push to the top of my tingling hot wet hole and spurt his burning cum inside me, Tom then sucked my trobbing cock untill I shot my cum in his mouth, fantastic day everyone satisfied, we got dressed, climbed down the hay, brushed our selves down and said bye to old Ted and walked back up the lane Tom couldn't leave me alone hands down my shorts while we walked along feeling my loose cock that was begining to get a bit stiff again but it was getting late and they didn't want to upset mum, we will have to do this again soon Tom said and we all agreed to it for our next fishing trip, I still went down to old Teds but I will tell that love story another time and I did love him.

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