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Posted on Friday, October 23, 2015 - 01:00 pm:   

Protecting your identity - your use and choice of email addresses.

We constantly try to advise on the sensible use of email addresses. Unlike some websites we don't say don't use them but there are ways they can be used without them being trawled and stored on Search Engines - - Search engines like Google and Yahoo trawl the internet and gather up just about everything going so, if you put personal details in a message it is quite likely that anyone doing a Google search and using keywords they know about you - such as email address - will be directed to your postings and you may not want that so please read the tips below.

(1) Don't put your email address within the body of your message - put it outside the message.

MEMBERS - Allow your email address to be displayed in your profile then, in your message put a comment like 'click on Username to find email address'
All you need to do is check the box which allows you to display your email address.
Make sure you always have a current email address - you'd be surprised how may addresses on profiles are no longer current because members have changed their ISP and their email address but not updated their profile
Remember you can still send private messages to other members, but not to Guests.

GUESTS - Write your message, put in a Username, leave the password box empty because you don't have one, and put your email address in the email box - your Username will then appeared underlined.
In your message put a comment like 'click on my name for email link' and anyone doing so is automatically taken to their email platform where they can send you an email to the address you have given.

The above advice is continually displayed but we still receive requests from Guests to remove email addresses and other details displayed within messages because the writer later regrets including them. We will not remove them unless there are exceptional circumstances.
NB - This applies to Guests only. Registered Members can always delete their own messages.

(2) Use a 'special' email address.

Your Internet Supplier will require you to have an email address - we will call that your prime address - for registration and formal purposes however most ISP's allow you to create a number of additional email addresses. Some ISP's enable you to create what are 'disposable' addresses - ones you can delete if any problems occur - Yahoo is a typical example where you can create up to 500 disposable addresses.
If you get spam messages, or abusive messages on disposable addresses just go into your Internet Account and delete them. Anyone sending to that address has the message rejected.

It is a sensible option to use your prime address for formal purposes only and to create another email address to cater specifically for individual tastes like Gaybod messaging.

(3) Create what we will call a hard address - one with a mixture of letters and numbers, even underscores or hyphens. This makes it harder for spammers to predict your address and annoy you.
Soft addresses like onlylooking@blabla.co.uk are easy for spammers to predict where as harder addresses like only-looking@blabla.co.uk are more difficult to predict.
Where your chosen address permits use a number instead of a letter - 'i' and 'o' allow for this so in the above examples you could have 0nlyl00k1ng@blabla.co.uk or 0nly-l00k1ng@blabla.co.uk

We hope the above helps you to have a safer experience on Gaybod. We can only help you so far: the rest is up to you.

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